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  1. I love u too mongo
  2. Whats poppin boys, makin a return now that I have a computer that can run garrys mod in more than 20fps in events, no more refusing to be anything but a non-combat esque position so that my PC doesn't die while im playing Also if anyone can identify whos feet my profile pic is I'll give you a cookie
  3. i’ve known you for a while and every minute we spent together was a blast, be it your old server, or 7th on CW, even my brief stint in range upon CWs shutdown. I always loved the energy you bring to everything and you’ll go down in my mind as one of the greats of the gmod community
  4. I don’t remember what your talking about lol but inform me on discord, it’s Sparx#8053 and anyone else who wants to talk
  5. To say I feel saddened to write this is an understatement, to use my phone to withdraw myself from something that’s had such a great impact on me and has introduced me to many nice people, nearly brings a tear to my eyes. The last year may as well have been my last dance, or as I say the last test. The only way to do this properly is to reference the bulls dynasty the whole time. So casting - @SCHEFF - Irrefutably Phil Jackson, sitting there, helping from the sideline while we do the work and put in time on the field. I will always miss you, your a lad and there was always room for what m
  6. Just like the bulls dynasty in 98, Stathi’s gov has lost its last remaining member, farewell brother, I’ll be taking you up on that discord sesh
  7. Well clearly there will have to be an addon featuring 1x2 plates, 1x2 studded plates, antennas, stuts, etc similar to regular lego figure backpacks
  8. Sparx

    hypo intro

    Please yes send these optimizations to me on discord, Sparx#8053 cause my game do be doing bad
  9. Bruh I don’t even know what to say, I mean even if I didn’t know you for a long time you were always a very kind man, ily brother good luck with year 12
  10. yes Germany using the constitution to help is very epic
  11. You’ve never made a more agreeable comment, I also must hear this, how much we betting their taking a note from Mein Kampf
  12. Please tell me whoever is Germany has attacked whoever is Poland also uh my name is probably SparxTheEpicGamer or some other horrendous thing, maybe it’s BiggieBurtzz I really don’t know
  13. You know what, maybe I didn’t know you well through IG but I did know you and thought you were a genuinely good person, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve gone through this but this is a genuinely positive message. I hope you continue to get better brother, and I’m sure almost everyone agrees that your respected here and people care for you
  14. I see, cheers for the info mr Bailey
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