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  1. But I bet we can all agree that White Choc Macadamia is the best Subway Cookie
  2. Moon sized battlestation that can destroy planets > Tie fighter with more wings and better guns
  3. The best compliment Tarkin has ever received
  4. Fall guys came out the other day and it's a pretty chill game. Been playing non-stop
  5. Scoops Ahoy Steve doing whatever he can do to survive
  6. English Teacher: "Tomorrow you will be having a substitute teacher" The content the substitute teacher explains to the class......
  7. That Pilot needs to be demoted!! Rigged game
  8. Looking forward to the interactions with the CFP in the future
  9. I would be happy with a skin that was dark black with a gold trim around the edges.
  10. Chimchar…. End of discussion
  11. Will miss you man Good luck on your future endeavors
  12. Every year I donate as much as I can to Rooster teeth's 24-hour extra life stream. I wouldn't mind helping out for this one as well.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leyV6xWEIsM I don't know why but I always find myself quoting this scene from IT (2017)
  14. Congrats man. Completely forgot about massive Vader lmao
  15. Chimp


    See ya man, wishing you well
  16. Very enjoyable read. Well done
  17. See you man, wish you well on your future
  18. It's universal like Pokémon so he can only say the same word but It can be anything in the Primate language. It is very hard to determine without hearing actual sounds. But Ape is saying Oi Oi Ah Ah in my Chimp language.
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