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  1. Keep telling yourself that. You have no idea whats going so how about keep things to your self and shut your mouth or I will be more than happy to speak to you in Discord and speak to you. But for now shut your mouth or ill shut it for you <3 <3 <3
  2. Check my steam mate. When was the last time I played Gmod?? and maybe get your facts right before assuming things.
  3. Hello IG community. Where do I start. Unfortunately this will not be the best post I have made. I have made a lot of mistakes lately heaps to many to count. Sadly this has lead me to doubt myself alot and question why I play. There has been some things that have happened lately within IG and I do not wish to be apart of these issues anymore. I have had fun on IG however the RP and some staff have caused to much issues lately which I some how get involved in and do not wish to assist in. I still have friends on IG but I don’t wish to staff IG anymore. This may cause issues but TBH I don’t give
  4. Let me add more to this. Mass RDM + Rude To Myself and Staff + Rude to players + Minge + Fail RP This does not help as well
  5. If anymore common questions come up they will be added. Thank you Management Team How do I donate / make for a Custom Regiment? Answer: Create a support ticket including the HP, Loadout, Model, Lore, Role etc (Note: it is most likely that your custom regiment will not be accepted due to overload of a lot of regiments on the server) When does a commander spot open? Answer: When someone has left a Donation commander spot, has been kicked out of the Commander position or you work your way up the ranks within a regiment (donation or not) and receive a substantially high rank upon
  6. Please use the correct template that is provided in the Ban Appeal section
  7. Mauler the photos were sent to me from another user. I did not edit the photos myself. What ever was sent to me is what I used. I did tamper/edit the photos. If you fell like this is unfair then I do apologise however I do not really see an issue with it due to the fact that this is part of the issue/ban appeal.
  8. Do you care to explain? And I suggest the truth because this was said not long ago. This ban appeal has currently changed and will stay open for further discussion.
  9. Name already exists Options: Leave it Think of a different name
  10. Little5avage

    Ban Appeal.

    I will admit that day I was heated and stressed and everything like that and I took it out on you. You do not need to apologize for anything. I should be the one apologizing for my actions towards you and the way I handel the situation was very poor and not right of me. I can agree the past is in the past at this point and I think me and you suna need a new fresh start.
  11. Creating staff reports Anyone is more than welcome to make a staff report and express their opinions. We request when making the report you do provide evidence of the situation (Videos, Screenshots ETC), if you have had any witnesses at the time please provide names. We ask if you can provide a date of when the situation happen (If there is more than one situation please try provide the dates). Try keep it simple and professional. If you have any other information that may help with your case you are more than welcome to add it however try and keep it within in the report. Staff reports can be
  12. Yes basically what I was trying to say but worded it poorly haha sorry about that. But yes that is correct
  13. You do understand that everyone can see the action in /me /me can be taken into RP. That is what it is there for not just for decoration. and example of this is: "/me nods to get guards to kill." Everyone is able to see this in RP within the area. This is slightly worded bad I do apologise for that.
  14. | Accepted | Warn Removed
  15. | Lifted | Welcome Back
  16. If you do not mind but I am trying to find something out... If you could please wait that will be great.
  17. This may be because of the new map change. Once myself, Ridge, Imposing can get on we will set it up. However at this moment in time you will need to kill the recruits leaving the recruit room and or make sure there not leaving the recruit room.
  18. Please do me a favor. If you can please try connect to the server. Once you have done that please take a screenshot of the ban that will come up when you try to load in. After please upload the photo to the comment. This will make it more helpful. Thank you Little5avage
  19. On behalf on the management team (@Ridge @Imposing @Edwards) we have deiced to deny your appeal for reasons of minging constantly, Shit posting and then 1 hour after making a ban appeal, Mass RDM ETC ETC. If you fell this was an unfair vote you may re-apply in 1 month
  20. We have rules and regulations and im sure someone aka Ridge made a post about responding to ban appeals.
  21. I may not of gotten a mention but ill tell you now the respect for Lincon... Great events and great friend sad to see you leave dude
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