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    What goes on...

    Why is there a headcrab in the F***ing fish bowl
  2. 1v1 me phantom forces really cool
  3. Logic_


    Xcom 2 with Halo and Star Wars mods Sounds epic
  4. I'm not saying Kristofer is guilty until I see proof
  5. I miss clicked and now the whole series is spoiled
  6. instead of 'Throwing glitter' can you 'lightly place glitter'
  7. All I can do on paint is squiggly lines
  8. Great game even better if you use a controller for it
  9. patience test will be your downfall lmao
  10. TV Shows are good and all But have you ever watched movies
  11. Hey Hey Fellow gamer
  12. Это эпический геймерский момент
  13. All I hear is gamer music and Alystair
  14. That was Deep Kristofer I guess Star Wars is pretty epic
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