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  1. Recent update from the BBC news. "China's President Xi Jinping has issued a stern warning against dissent as protests continue in Hong Kong, saying any attempt to divide China will end in "crushed bodes and shattered bones". Full article here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-50035229
  2. The fact is that if Chinese government entered Hong Kong and tried to quell the situation through violence, the world would just watch, what do you expect? America to come in as heroes and risk an all out war with a powerful China, who is somewhat allied with North Korea and Russia? We are saying free the people but nothing will come out of it, everything will stay the same and sadly the Hong Kongers and people of China will be oppressed under a tyrannical dictatorship.
  3. Neutral Good answers but the pac's are mildly simple, with an entity change here and there and thats about it, also adding a model or two. think if you really wanted to make something uniqe and different, look around through sci fi comics, they provide really good inspiration regarding PAC creations.
  4. Looks really good! Can't wait
  5. There is always ISB & Navy if you'd like heavy rp every now and then. I've found these two are pretty good for rp.
  6. Carnifex ;-; I haven’t been a mate of yours for a while now but I do remember the good ol’ days of IG. I was gonna put you in an anime opening . Anyways mate, cya around
  7. Just a question, didn't Tex, from old IG and EG make this pac? Or have you re-created it yourself? +1 btw
  8. Sinatra, I'll give you some hand on advice for you to take in, if you wanna regain trust then all you have to do is join a reg, behave respectfully and make a few freinds here and there. Eventually you'll be able to be seen as more of a loyal member to the community rather than a mingy member. hope that helps, and dw about it, everyone has been a minge one or twice, just have to keep moving forward. and @Adelhelm, read the post before you downvote it. He was literally introducing himself and asking how he can put away his mingy past.
  9. TisPuppy


    OG 31st Cmdr Gold back in mid-2017, story time with Gold was the best. Miss him ;-;
  10. I would highly recommend it, it's not often you see Arma 3 on sale. Get it whilst it's still on a low price.
  11. I remember filming both those shorts (DT and IC) boyo, poggers.
  12. TisPuppy

    IG-88 droids

    Just saying that the venom gun possibly would only be given to the original IG-88 model whilst the other IG-88 droids would be given a normal loadout. And also, we could possibly change the way the IG-88 droids look to distinguish them from eachother in any given scenario. Anyways, all good mate, thanks for the reply my man.
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