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  1. I would highly recommend it, it's not often you see Arma 3 on sale. Get it whilst it's still on a low price.
  2. I remember filming both those shorts (DT and IC) boyo, poggers.
  3. Just saying that the venom gun possibly would only be given to the original IG-88 model whilst the other IG-88 droids would be given a normal loadout. And also, we could possibly change the way the IG-88 droids look to distinguish them from eachother in any given scenario. Anyways, all good mate, thanks for the reply my man.
  4. Hey man, I believe the IG-RM droids were much more abundant in the universe, whilst the IG-88 droids only cosisted of 4-5. All good, this book was set in the imperial era (quite late into the fight, maybe a year or two before the destruction of the first deathstar) And do you mean IG-76? I'm not sure if there was a IG-86, if there was then I'm not entirely sure. And everything you said about the HK series droids was true, although the IG-88 droids had a sentinent mind (according to the book), meaning they could far surpass the HK droids in skill and decision making. Thanks mate.
  5. G'day everyone, A few days ago, I was reading a star wars book by the name of 'Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters'. This book just told a few stories about Boba Fett, Zuckus and 4-Lom, Dengar, Bossk and IG-88. Now why I am telling you this is because in this particular book, in a particular chapter, I found something quite interesting. I found that IG-88 (The original) actually had uploaded his memory core and such into 4 other similar droids. These droids we're also designated as 'IG-88' and they henceforth called themselves 'IG-88' as a whole, although they had different designations such as: 'IG-88A', 'IG-88B', and so on. So, I was thinking, why not replace the HK droids with other models of IG-88? Well hear me out, HK-47 and the HK-51 models were both found in the Old Republic timeline (when they were created), with only few remaining up until the clone wars era. So wouldn't these droids be considered unreliable by the Empire due to how old they are? I mean surely there would be a better set of droid bounty hunters? Well i've come with a solution! Introducing the IG-88 droid group (including but not limited to) IG-88A, IG-88B and so on (depending on the server cap decided by mods and such. You're probably wanting a few reasons as to why we should replace the HK droids: Well number 1 is that as I said before, HK droids would be practically gone in our era of timeline Number 2 is that if we introduced a IG-88 group, a possible positive outcome for bounty hunters and other rp factions would occur. Creating more rp, more teamwork, etc. And also, wouldn't it be awesome just to be able to hire armed IG-88 droids to guard you? Well maybe I'm streching it out on that last one, but yeah. What'd ya think? Bad addition or possibly a good one?
  6. Lemme meet Harold again #Eng4Life
  7. +1 Frosty has expanded his knowledge in PAC3 and knows alot more now than he previously did. I'm glad that you're examples are somewhat unique, although be sure to make some more unique creations later on if you do get accepted. Answers are also quite good. Good luck
  8. Hey Wombat, just updated the appeal so you can now see the ban message. Hope this helps
  9. Steam Details Steam Name: TisPuppy Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:94403035 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198149071798/ In Game Details In Game Name: N/A (can't remember) In Game Rank: N/A (can't remember) In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Corps Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permernant Which staff member banned you: Krennic, from my last ban appeal I believe his name is GuskyWalker. What date did the ban occur: 25/01/2019 What was the reason for the ban: Mass RDM Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: Welp, as stated previously on my other ban appeal, my memory is quite hazy on this particular situation. Nonetheless, I will try and cite what I currently remember. Well, this all occured when me and a few other members began an insurgency group, it's main purpose was to topple the Emperor. During the course of our mutiny, me and the other members we're excited that our RP was being taken seriously. Due to this, we kept on continuing our sabotage and espionage against the Empire. Eventually me and the other members were found out, one of our members was captured and so the others and I went to Ilum to do a final stand. Many of us we're killed, except for two of us. Us two were sent to ISB HQ where Krennic questioned me, I denied my involvment in the insugency group (in rp) and then he released me (I believe). Later that evening I hopped off the server and went to bed. The very next day I tried to hop on, only to find I was banned from the server. I was upset at the undelightful ending of this, I had the idea that people we're embracing the RP we were giving, I was mistaken. I apologise if I caused discomfort due to this, if there is anything I can do, an apology of sorts maybe? Then please msg me. Please excuse any inaccuarsies that I may have included in this appeal, this was a while ago and I can't remmeber all that much. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I honestly believed that our rp was being accepted, I thought it would be nice to just have a serious non-minge insugency group. I apologise if this rp wasn't welcomed. Apologies.
  10. As I said, a small quarrel with another player was why this occurred ban was handed out. The basis of the reasons for this ban was due to myself being extremely toxic, I was "trying to prove a point" and thus was extremely careless in my actions whilst pursuing this "trying to prove a point". I was ignoring RP given to me (at the time) because of my lack of patience. After I was unbanned I apologised to the player and others who were affected. After I was unbanned I intended to try my best in attempting to become more involved in RP scenarios, this is when the insurgency group comes into play. I was curious and excited at the RP that would be coming into play and so I was intrigued to join. So I do have the intent to RP on your servers, it might not seem like it due to my unclean record, although I do.
  11. Sorry couldn't reply for a while, but yeah I can't remember that ban all that much, although I think it had something to do with a small quarrel I had with another player. It happened a while back I think, didn't get unbanned until a few days prior to the perm.
  12. No, at the time I wasn't. Also, thanks for getting this, i'll put it in the appeal.
  13. Possibly, it was a while back so I'm not entirely what we were called but I think it was something short like that. "Also your STEAMID ID doesnt show any bans on the ban tracker for IG" And not sure why that is, I got it from steamid finder so I thought it would be correct
  14. Amen to that luv u delta no homo, twas a good opening
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