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  1. just stuff from addons dont know how to bonemerge blender stuff (or even if thats possible)
  2. Bump New Vegas style clothing I made for something to do
  3. Bump Was unaware this was moved Please keep in mind i cannot edit the original post and so any new pacs will be added in each bump
  4. As i cannot edit the post and add more pacs (due to the deletion of my old account), and do not play the cw sever, could this please be closed @Whitey I will likely repost in the imperial forum with this account soon
  5. Excalibur

    Goodbye Misahu

    No not the second mingiest isb white shirt! (after kristopher of course) o7
  6. "excalibur2" I feel like this is an angry bot account coming to give me a scam link xd 

    1. Excalibur


      Hello sir please provide credit card I give you free games no scam sir just need credit card number

    2. Rivers


      Oh yes I shall wire you $10,000,000 tomorrow 

  7. more like Death troopers: "Tancc Inacc"
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