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  1. Because diverse regiments are banned. All must be different coloured Stormtroopers or you go to the camps.
  2. Welcome back my man, good to see you!
  3. The powers that be have decided to change the HUD style to one that places the HP bar and compass out of immediate sight at the bottom left, and the DEFCON notice at the bottom right. I wanted to get a gauge from the community as to which HUD they prefer, as personally I hate how I have to break my eyeline to the bottom left to check my HP now, and some people are insisting we should live with it, but why should we?
  4. I've been in quarantine for essentially an entire month, barring a couple days in the middle, so its not been great eh.
  5. Fuck me the entire thing, base game and all the DLCs is only 45 dollars, this is amazing
  6. Shit you aren't wrong, how is it so cheap on humble bundle?
  7. Its very nice actually, one of the more traditional ways to drink a lot of teas, give it a try at some point
  8. Coffee wise, a nice latte or cappuccino from my local cafe. Tea wise, its Twinings Earl Grey all the way with either milk and a little sugar or no milk and some lemon.
  9. Very good advice, hopefully people pay attention.
  10. Oh hey theres rank for it now, I'm happy with that. If someone wants to close this you can go for it.
  11. Its not a matter of care, its a matter of concordance, hence why I would also like the role on the forums.
  12. Keeping it civil this time, It would be nice to have the Benefactor role on the forum please, for concordance between platforms in regards to role. Thank you.
  13. You can dish it out but you can't take it, is that it?
  14. And that would be your prerogative, thats why its so great. But you wouldn't want to be rich eh? Eat the Rich and all that?
  15. When you achieve a sustainable disposable income, you too can enjoy the pleasure of spending money on whatever the hell you want
  16. I'm sorry I can't hear you all the way down there with the poors
  17. Please make a Benefactor role on the forums so we can flex here as well. Many thanks.
  18. Captain of an Executor Class Star Dreadnought, that would be the life.
  19. Binny asked “Are there any plans to give uniformed regiments less HP because they are not wearing armour?“ Is there any plans to give whatever regiment Binny is in this week less HP because they have Binny in them?
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