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  1. Hence why I said replace two Hold 'Em tables, there's four currently.
  2. There are four Hold 'Em tables next to the checkers and chess boards. My simple suggestion would be to replace two of the Hold 'Em tables for two Blackjack tables. I'm not going to speak for others but I love Blackjack a lot, but don't really have an interest in Hold 'Em. The same content that has the Hold 'Em also has Blackjack so it shouldn't (as far as I know) be hard to implement.
  3. What is the honest reason we keep using this outdated dinosaur of a fucking program for speech? What makes having to deal with its connection issues and clunky as fuck UI so good we still use it?
  4. -1. Flame throwers are a purely offensive weapon used primarily to flush out entrenched defenders. I don't know if I could think of a worse weapon for crowd control, thermal detonators maybe. Not to mention in the close confines of a ship, a flamethrower is the easiest way to kill yourselves and severely damage the ship.
  5. Neutral, While from an RP perspective its fantastic, adding a pretty key military technique, it seems it isn't coded and implemented well. If there was a better version that ironed out these issues, I reckon it could be a definite thing to think about.
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