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  1. how do they cause more if a minge was using it yes it would cause more but the people using it have worked hard for the role in all aspects
  2. well all those regiments where attack regiments I'm trying to use the flame thrower in a security regiment and for a flame thrower not being crowd control its meant to hurt them because controlling the crowd is making them listen to you and with a flamethrower in hand and them getting hurt it forms order with chaos and that's also like saying pepperspray aren't really crowd control its the same implement but just with fire
  3. well this wouldn't be a full regiment it is a sub regiment with only maximum of 4 or 5 troopers in it and flame throwers will be used like thermal dets and camo it needs approval to be used first
  4. well for crowd control an area affect weapon would be very effective and it wouldn't just be for crowd control you can use a flame thrower in many defensive ways a great example would be Police in real life use big ass water pumps for crowd control so why not a flame thrower, and the people will be properly taught how to use the flame thrower in a way that wont be overpowered in rp situations
  5. Hey guys my names Dynamite I am a Staff Sergent in Shock While I was going through the Gmod workshop I came across a player model called Incinerator Troopers and I thought to myself that would be a great sub division for Shock/Riot because of what they use. as a defensive regiment we don't really have any crowd control in any way shape or form but if we got a incinerator trooper who has a flamethrower it would greatly improve are crowd control and defensive capability's this would also give Shock and Riot an actual Sub Division that does something. To get to be an incinerator trooper what
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