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  1. Foot-long, chicken teriyaki - LIGHTLY TOASTED - italian herbs and cheese. Old English cheese with extra cheese (RIP swiss), spinach and onion, with avocado. Sweet onion sauce with no salt or peper. Fuck outta here.
  2. Please deny this, thank you!
  3. The award for the most exaggerated comparison to the server goes to you.
  4. I mean, one argument could be that it would be more fun to not have the main server crash when doing epic off ship events, instead simply transferring to the other server which is already up and running smoothly.
  5. Bumping to update my date and add a small note. The next week I will be on Leave Of Absence due to packing up my life and moving to a new house, I hope that this will not disrupt any chance of being a trial-mod.
  6. Can we please have the graphic team make the reacts uniform and feel like they fit? Cause right now they feel like you just realized you can add emojis and added your favourite ones.
  7. There is currently a spot available for our 'New Republic' group that has it's sessions beginning this weekend and will be Sundays at 5pm - 7pm AEST (Brisbane). If interested please contact me via discord @ Lars#6945.
  8. Updated both my time and rank.
  9. Uuuuhhhhhhh please reapply when you meet the required time!
  10. Unfortunately if I have not contacted you, or have not responded to you, I am unable to take anymore. Due to an overwhelming amount of people interested, I have had to make the decision to run three groups as frequently as I can that are all working within the world. That being said, if you are still interested in being in the discord to be a one-off character here and there instead of a permanent member then please feel free to contact me. If there become slots available, I will also put the one-off character people in as permanent slots. Also, if you are typically a Dungeon Maste
  11. The Simp Shock Regiment* Imagine loving non-humans, eugh.
  12. Having recently finished a Star Wars structured campaign after I began the project at the start of this year, I am finally properly looking for players who may find themselves interested in joining. Before I go into the campaign information, it should be noted that the system in play does not operate on a ‘D20’ sort of system and instead has it’s own unique dice mechanics, of which I have a bot that will do most of the heavy lifting and will be hosted on a Discord server. The campaign setting will be set two years after the formation of the First Galactic Empire, where each player
  13. Application updated, gotta love time wipes.
  14. Neutral. You may of been a bit of a minge in the past, however, you have made strides to prove that image is no longer how you are and have done so as both Regional Government and Coalition for Progress members. All I suggest is that you continue showing that you have changed, take all comments here in stride and prove to them that you are doing exactly what you said you are setting out to be.
  15. Lars


    With a history of extorting other communities, I somehow doubt it - Either way, we are fine without you in my honest opinion.
  16. Lars


    So you aren't a member of the community, nor do you actually intend to be, but you are applying for a staff position when it looks like you would rather be a contractor as apposed to an actual member of the development team. As well as your friend making an account just to talk you up and support you, when he as well is not part of the community. Legit just contact the owner (or a member of management) directly instead of making an application to be part of the team.
  17. Lars


    I am glad that your friend is here too, and that you enjoy Garry's Mod but you have skirted the question. What regiment are you both part of and what are your names or ranks in game? Big doubts that you even participate in this community.
  18. Lars


    Alright, what regiment and rank are you? Who are you in-game? Cause you made an account just to comment on this and it is very suspicious lmao
  19. Lars


    Incorrect. You aren't even 6th Army ...
  20. Lars

    Pin Quest-Lines

    Not sure if it is able, but possibly allow us to be able to hit F7 and have the option to pin your quest-line on your HUD.
  21. Issue is that this quest was asked to change for weeks prior to the most recent reset, I even suggested exactly this weeks prior to the reset.
  22. Replace the quest line of 'Kill x Event Characters' with 'Spend x time as an Event Character', do I need to go into detail why this would be so much better for the community?
  23. Was our playtime purposefully reset or can we request our time back with proof?
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