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  1. Who is this Rebel Spy called Jman120
  2. @Jman1308 We should try get a match going this weekend SW: Battlefront Commander land battles Thrawns Revenge: Space Battles
  3. I'd love to have a straight forward game, and no outside interference and or Overpowered factions *cough* AOTR Mod Blacksun Offensive Space Station / Empire with their x2 SSD and x1 ISD with a Superlaser.
  4. Two Cinematic Screenshots Random Flex of Tactical Ability My Defenses: x1 MC80b x2 A-Wing Squadrons x1 Ion Canon (Recharge time 2 minutes 30 seconds - 3 Minutes, 5-10% Shield Power Decrease per salvo hitting the Super Star Destroyer) Space Station (Level 1) Free Unit Spawns: x2 X-Wings Squadrons (x2 Squads x6 Reserve) x2 Y-Wing Squadrons (x2 Squads x6 Reserve) Losses: x2 A-Wing Squadrons Attackers: x1 Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (Hero) Fighter Complement: x8 TIE/IN Interceptor Squ
  5. We'd probably need more models ported for an entire movie ;p
  6. We actually re-shot scenes to make things perfect. Even background props had to be perfect.
  7. Casually uploads his own cheating. Hmmm
  8. Ass Chief Misahu walks in. Del Meeko (Alystair) /me Salutes Credits Sith/SUB Regiments Seventh Sister Zote Grand Inquisitor John Darth Vader (Helsing) Master Instructor Demeter Initiate Boris/Hephaestus ISB/SUB Regiments Director (Chief Tonberry) Agent Jimka Assistant Colonel [ACO] Kristofer von W. Acting Agent Aleksandr Kallus (Sylvia) Head Agent Dirthi Special Agent Lee 'Sterling' Everett Brigadier 73-01 "Tank" Captain 73-02 "Blue" Master Sergeant 73-07 "Raven" Sergeant 73-07 “Cas
  9. TheNegotiator

    Family Photo

    I'm an apparent foot stool for the Grand Inquisitor
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