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  1. So @Bailey wants us to share some Star Wars & Clone Wars tributes. Palpatine - "My dear boy I've so wanted to meet you, and here you are at last". You may or may not have seen them, who knows. They will not be listed in any particular order. I must say I rather enjoy seeing these tributes, if you have any of your own to share post them in the comments. Tributes / Videos 1 - 10 Tributes / Videos 11 - 20 Tributes / Videos 21 - 30 Tributes / Videos 31 - 37 Bonus Video - Sith Empire || Propaganda (Star Wars) That
  2. Another Special Bump Updated server time. Additions: - x2 New Screenshots - x1 Video Clip Can be found in the last spoiler box of the application.
  3. It's sad to see you go, my best (only) DT Captain <3 Be sure to swing around the ISB teamspeak channel every now and then to get Kristofer to stop crashing the server. Best of luck for the rest of the Year.
  4. TheNegotiator

    Big Shootout

    I have stated above, that I am unable to revive people during combat. The best I can do is pull their bodies out and drag them, I would have broken server rules if I went in and immediately revived everyone. I am not denying my services to both sides, I'm simply providing assistance to those who need it more importantly. It's like If I had to choose between reviving the Mayor and a Gang member so I revive the mayor and the gang member freaks out, this has happened. If I am asked to provide assistance, I will kindly oblige even if said individual is a police officer. I don't know why peopl
  5. TheNegotiator

    Big Shootout

    14-18 Seconds you see a Staff Member using a physgun on the ragdoll.
  6. TheNegotiator

    Big Shootout

    I mean you can be Asked to aide Police when out of combat and not convicts until they're cuffed. I must either hold my medical service, or drag people out of the situation before doing my job. I must wait for downed personnel that are versing the Police to be handcuffed before I provide my service, otherwise that would be Combat Reviving. I'm pretty sure, but not certain you can refuse service for valid rp reasons. Like I've been mugged by 'Criminal', I remember said 'Criminal' because I haven't gone through NLR so thus I refuse service due to things they did to my character i
  7. TheNegotiator

    Big Shootout

    My god, the ending. It's so true.
  8. I must say, It was an interesting night, the Hetic's got owned three times all in a row, despite number of personnel downed in comparison to their losses even from yesterdays raid on the where-house near the junkyard. - Failed Bank Robbery - Roof Top Sniper + 2-3 Other Personnel killed at the Skyscraper trying to fight off two SS - Gunned down by a single cop in their own building after trying to hide a bunch of bodies
  9. Sadness - 100 Though it's something to expect from everyone, eventually as @Kamelieon pointed out, it's still a sad moment for a lot of people especially when you get along with the individual that is departing. @Ubermolen - It's has been a fun time hanging with you, I can say you certainly have an amazing personality and I'm glad to have met you. I wish you the best of luck with whatever choices you make. Don't forget to swing around the IG teamspeak server or a discord server and we'll have a few games every now and then.
  10. Where is the cancel upgrade button
  11. Who is this Rebel Spy called Jman120
  12. @Jman1308 We should try get a match going this weekend SW: Battlefront Commander land battles Thrawns Revenge: Space Battles
  13. I'd love to have a straight forward game, and no outside interference and or Overpowered factions *cough* AOTR Mod Blacksun Offensive Space Station / Empire with their x2 SSD and x1 ISD with a Superlaser.
  14. Two Cinematic Screenshots Random Flex of Tactical Ability My Defenses: x1 MC80b x2 A-Wing Squadrons x1 Ion Canon (Recharge time 2 minutes 30 seconds - 3 Minutes, 5-10% Shield Power Decrease per salvo hitting the Super Star Destroyer) Space Station (Level 1) Free Unit Spawns: x2 X-Wings Squadrons (x2 Squads x6 Reserve) x2 Y-Wing Squadrons (x2 Squads x6 Reserve) Losses: x2 A-Wing Squadrons Attackers: x1 Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (Hero) Fighter Complement: x8 TIE/IN Interceptor Squ
  15. Serves as a special bump Updated: - Updated Role. - Updated Time.
  16. We'd probably need more models ported for an entire movie ;p
  17. We actually re-shot scenes to make things perfect. Even background props had to be perfect.
  18. Casually uploads his own cheating. Hmmm
  19. His PAC3 examples are great, is also mature and responsible and His role play is on point. +1
  20. Updated Application to my Rank as of Current, along with time on the server. Added 3 more pac3 example screenshots.
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