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  1. Why does Senior Command look to be above Tarkin? Why is IIC depicted to be directly connected to Thrawn?
    There are other concerning elements but... I think it's just easier too...

    Galactic Empire Structure - Made by Alystair & Jman



    A very accurate representation. Minus the Imperial Intelligence's (Naval Intelligence Agency) Imperial Intelligence Corps does not exist.

  2. 12 hours ago, Kristofer said:

    Concept of this storyline was stolen directly from Alystair.

    This is as close to credit for the storyline Kristofer is willing to give.
    @SCHEFF I believe I mentioned upon a few occasions the existance of the Separatist Remnant rebuilding to Moff Panaka, not sure if you can recall. Outside of the massive Zann Consortium mentions anyways.

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  3. I barely respond to these, but hey.

    As stated by previous commenters, you do not reach the minimum playtime required for applying for PAC3.
    From what I can tell, is that the PAC3 example is just a playermodel bone merged, with two body groups attached.

    - Applicant does not meet the required playtime for PAC3.
    - Application has little effort put into it and only has a single example.
    - the one PAC3 Example you have is beyond basic and does not show or convey your skills or knowledge with PAC3.

    As Ubermolen has suggested in the comment above, you require the minimum playtime which can be found in in the PAC3 Hub here.
    I personally suggest that during and after the time you take to reach the minimum playtime, you try to gain an understanding of PAC3 by going through tutorials and best utilise your skills in the examples you will provide, the PAC3's you will show should be your own.

    If and when you make a new PAC3 Application, be sure to put a bit more detail into it as well as meet other expectations as listed above.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Setsuna said:

    Hey everyone I am a lover of storytelling, I love to write my own stories and do what I can to depict them in words. Garrys Mod gave me the opportunity to take that creativity to the next level. Now I have no knowledge of animation or anything like it but I use my imagination to create scenes that I think look quite cool and tell some story that is left to the interpretation of the viewer.

    Welcome to the club

  5. 17 minutes ago, wflizzi said:

    From an outsiders perspective, one costed heaps of credits and did nothing more than create 2 cool explosions, Alderan and itself and the other had extraordinary potential without flaws and was also a whole lot cheaper.

    Everything has flaws and as I stated earlier...
    - The Rebel Alliance would have created a counter eventually, especially after capturing the flight data to make it easier.
    - Krennic would have removed the flaw if he had survived
    - Tarkin decided to have the Death Star's Fleet Deployed
    - TIE Defender is more fighter combat orientated, so practically not that effective against corvettes and even less so with the flight data programmed into the firing solutions, especially against upper class vessels like Mon Calamari cruisers.
    - Tarkin if he had survived would not have allowed the same mistake to happen again 
    - Literally Imperial High Command not taking the Rebel Alliance seriously, excluding General Cassio Tagge.

    I wouldn't say heaps of credits went into the Death Star as people expected, slavery and they died in very large numbers meaning the Empire practically had little care for their workforce of slaves to the point of not being able to provide the necessary essentials from living healthy so the workforce can maintain itself longer.
    Oh and just general raids and salvaging of material regardless. Plus, if they had the ability to develop a second bigger death star, then palpatine with a fleet over ten thousand star destroyers with super lasers. I'm sure the Empire's economy is fine, lets say the Empire won at Endor. Palpatine would most likely still create those star destroyers in mass.

    Jedha City, Scarif, Alderaan, It's own destruction are four very beautiful explosions.

    TIE Defender project on Lothal: fuel supply go boom :eyes:

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  6. 48 minutes ago, wflizzi said:

    Tie fighter with a hyper-drive, better shields and guns that can easily take down multiple x wings as well as support and medium sized vessels > moon sized shithole that cant even destroy a singular x wing but instead get destroyed by it.

    I very much doubt the TIE Defender would have made a lasting difference, considering the Rebel Alliance gaining access to the much needed flight data, eventually they would have developed a better fighter to compete with the TIE Defender Elite (Which is the flight data they took) besting both the regular Defenders and knocking every other TIE Fighter (Canon) out of the water. Sure, the Empire could have done with less expendable and more capable star fighters, but the point wasn't to go to Galactic scale war, it was to create peace & security by generating fear through power, scale and numbers.

    The are several things that could have been done to protect both Death Star's from their destruction. With the first, if Director Krennic wasn't killed by Wilhuff Tarkin having the Imperial Security Complex destroyed, Krennic would have returned to the super weapon and fixed the issue before it became a threat. There is some reference to Krennic's last thought somewhere, where he had re-visited the battle stations schematics and knew exactly what flaw was put in place, the one thing he paid little attention to because of its pure size.

    48 minutes ago, wflizzi said:

    If the Empire had better invested its money into the planning of a Grand Admiral instead of some angered Director it wouldn't have met its defeat.

    The DS-01 was already under construction before the end of the clone wars, the plans were developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, taking from their hands into the Galactic Republic's. The Empire was a Grand military designed to police star systems. The Empire needed to dedicate resources to the Death Star to ultimately leave the rest of the galaxy under the control of the Empire. Also I doubt TIE Defenders would be able make much of a difference against the Yuuzhan Vong either.

    The Empire did indeed dedicate a lot of resources to Project Star Dust, however there were many other projects in the works during the construction period of the Death Star. Such as "Project Cinder", the construction of Super Star Destroyers... and you get the point. It's not like those resources could have gone elsewhere as well. Imagine how many Imperial Class Star Destroyers could have been made instead of one Super Star Destroyer, same can be applied to the Death Star but both Super-scaled constructs had a purpose of maintaining order through fear.

    48 minutes ago, wflizzi said:

    One of the Empires biggest setbacks was its inability to properly and effectively partake in fighter combat, this was a result of its poorly designed Tie fighters (developed by Tarkin).

    I wouldn't say they were developed by Tarkin, he basically just told them "the weaponized fighters should be extremely fast and maneuverable, energy efficient, and inexpensive to manufacture."

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  7. 1 minute ago, raza said:

    they have the exact same tools tho?

    What Delta means is that the roleplay offered by some of the droid roles are unique to themselves.
    The Medical Droid, KX Series Droid and IT-O Interrogation droid all have their own specific area of role play, KX being security, IT-O being interrogations and the Medical droid, you know. Being a medical droid.
    (At the point of finishing this entire thing @Delta seems to have responded to your question)

    Though I believe the roles could be looked into for some refining or possibly making it clear on some regards both in and out of role play elements. I've always believed in two character slots (Depending on what is purchased) could be good. One droid and the other not, so lets say you're tired of role playing as a droid for the day, you can just switch back. Obviously some rules will need to be put in place in regards to switching.

    A system in which the user is allowed to switch on their own accord, ensure it re-spawns them as to not give them additional SWEP's in their load outs.

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  8. Star Wars: Squadron
    A Deep Dive
    "Oh god, here he goes again."

    Asteroid Field Vortex


    I don't know much about this asteroid field vortex, but it looks absolutely stunning.
    I expect some playable areas from the campaign story to find itself in the 5v5 Star Fighter Dogfight.


    Standard Imperial Design Hangar Bay


    Its fairly obvious by the design and the ships within that this is your typical Imperial Hangar bay.
    What peaks my interest is the scale, the positioning and lack of the ships own hull visible from the hangar bay. 
    As you can see from the image below, additional hull should be completely visible.
    However, it can't be an Arquitens-class Light/Command Cruiser as they are not big enough to have hangars of this scale.
    Even if slightly modified in length.

    It is unclear but highly likely the hangar perspective would be facing forward, so I'm interested to see
    what vessels hangar perspective we see within the Official reveal trailer.

    Image result for Imperial star destroyer hangar (mit Bildern) | Seen


    6 hours ago, Kristofer said:

    Next scene we see the perspective from the Rebellion. We see the same female pilot from before leaving her X-Wing, proceeded by a mission briefing at a holotable. We can see that Hera Syndulla and, who I think is, Admiral Raddus in this scene standing next to the holotable. You cannot tell me that that is not Raddus. We can see here that Hera is wearing a general rank plaque for the Rebel Alliance. There is also this bulky, unidentified ship on the holotable. I don't particularly know what it is but it looks very Mandalorian in nature. I thought it was a Kandosii-type dreadnaught, however I don't believe it is.


    It is very unlikely that this is Admiral Raddus considering his death in rogue one, and that this looks nothing like him.
    I highly believe that this was an unintentional overlook as there is a lot to see in the trailer. The individual is most notably, Admiral Gial Ackbar.
    And oh boy I love to see it. The glorious High Definition view of the one and only Destroyer of Destroyers. The Battleship of the New Republic Fleet.

    Starhawk-Class Battleship (Mk. I)


    I've waited a long time to see this vessel in action. I was very disappointed to find it didn't make an appearance
    in any of the new trilogy films. However, this vessel is a New Republic battleship made out of salvaged
    Imperial-Class Star Destroyers. It's purpose was to be more powerful than Imperial Star Destroyers.
    Three such vessels saw action during the Battle of Jakku, one of which brought down an
    Executor-Class Star Dreadnought 'Ravager' with forward facing six very powerful tractor beam projectors.
    Bringing Counselor Gallius Rax's Super Star Destroyer down with it on its crash course for Jakku.


    Unknown Tanker Starship


    In the background you have a better view of an unknown ship, well at least to me.
    I believe the vessel serves the purpose of refueling or transporting some sort of gas. Possibly Tibana gas.
    I'm not certain if its Imperial considering the same location less than 5 seconds later is a New Republic construction yard.

    181st Imperial Fighter Wing

    The legends fighter squadron would be an amazing sight to see completely returned.
    It's likely, but its members unlikely. Considering their definite visual differences.


    Unidentified Cargo Hauler/Fueling Starship


    As you can see in the image above, there are quite a few of these very peculiar in design starships.
    One can only guess their purpose between Cargo or Fuel contains being hauled along.
    Nothing really of note but it could also just be a refueling station. It doesn't look like it is meant to be mobile.


    Light Orbital Construction Yard


    The planet certainly gives that Coruscant feel, but watching the scene closely it's giving me doubts.
    Mainly because of the atmosphere colour seen from space but it is most likely Coruscant considering its
    lack of visual appearance within New Disney canon.

    The Station on the left I believe is a orbital construction yard or repair yard.
    Most likely for small scaled ships. It is unclear whether its Imperial or New Republic, if this is indeed Coruscant.
    It will most likely be Imperial, before the New Republic were able to "liberate" the planet.


    6 hours ago, Kristofer said:

    Next up we see a battle over an ecumenopolis, potentially Coruscant. We see this wack looking ship that I still can't figure out what it is. There's probably a lot of legends material they're bringing into canon with this game.
    If they're on Coruscant, there is a chance that we get a major mention of the ISB since the ISB were tasked to be the ones to hold down Coruscant after the Emperor's death.

    Yes. ISB. I love ISB.
    However, the ISB holdout on Coruscant wasn't one of assignment, its something they felt obliged to do as it was the Imperial Capital.
    Many of Coruscants forces departed to Gallius Rax's calling, those loyal to ISB which was a considerable amount stayed behind to
    defend the Empires capital from the traitorous Rebel Alliance, the "New Republic".

    This is the end of my breakdown of a breakdown & the official reveal trailer, for now anyways.

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  9. Spoiler

    Meanwhile... a couple hallways away... 

    Maul [Force Push] CT-4381
    Maul [Corpse] CT-7314
    Maul [Corpse] CT-3484
    Maul [Corpse] CT-2131

    Maul [Durasteel Panel] CT-9323
    Maul [Force Abuse] CT-6174


    Maul [Durasteel Panel][Decapitation] CT-9553
    Maul [Durasteel Panel][Decapitation] CT-2731

    Maul [Durasteel Panel] CT-3183
    Maul [Durasteel Panel] CT-7826

    Maul [Durasteel Panel] CT-2918 'Ridge(Plot Armour could protect him no more)

    Maul [Force Pull][Blast Door] CT-5649 (He's definitely dead after that, would have bled out at least)


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  10. A valid point is made, I have always had it in my mind about what can be done to well... Reduce the role of Dio from being so overpowered without removing things from its actual loadout. The firearms you actually see him carry (obviously not including the taser) are things that are given to the role through either the Extra Weapon perk in the perk tree or point shop weapons.

    Some of the concept ideas I had for having the role nerfed without removing weapons or abilities is putting in ground rules.

    Ground rules is a good start, but its not necessarily the weapons alone (the player hit box is the primary issue), player collisions are normal, model doesn't actually move downward when the player crouches. The class has cloak for the reason of being able to infiltrate, its not really a good infiltrator droid otherwise because of Gmod limitations and that people would probably meta game seeing him if he's near the roof. It's meant to be much smaller, being able to fit into two hands, however the damn thing is huge on the server.

    It has a lot of equipment to either match or be equivalent to its lore perspective. Trust me, if it lost any features the role would become pointless. An issue of people constantly leaving the role because it wasn't as exciting. Granted its overpowered and ground rules can be put in place such as "No shooting while cloaked" or "Don't use point shop / skill tree weapons while cloaked". The role doesn't really get good weapons as itself so it relies on point shop weapons to actually make it better. I didn't enforce rules earlier because I thought about other cloaking personnel using their weapons / PS & Skill tree weapons while cloaked.

    CompForce can really do a number on you when cloaked with their base weapons. However I'm interested to hear what you guys have in mind into potentially balancing the role without actually removing anything from its loadout.

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  11. Timothy Zahn like story telling.

    PTSD of the Rise of Skywalker...
    "It's just a feeling".

    Xalrich is a Jedi confirmed.


    Order 66 was an inside job.

    What about the Sand People.


    When do you believe you will finish the story?
    When do I believe I would get around to writing up mine? Who knows...

  12. Fleet Admiral Wombat, Admiral Kassius Konstantine. 
    Not to worry, both of your ships are in safe hands.

    Going to miss you randomly popping in on the channels late nights.

    Good bye Wombat, best wishes to you and good luck with Year 12.


  13. There will be no +1 from me.
    However I do have things to bring up in regards to your actions.

    This part follows the video that was shared throughout a few or more discords.
    The Bounty Hunter discord wasn't the only place you shared / posted the video. And I don't believe those two discords were alone in receiving the video shared / posted by you.
    I know for certain that the video was also posted by you in the Imperial Security Bureau discord. However not entirely certain on this part, I don't believe it was put as a spoiler either. In either case putting it as a spoiler doesn't nullify anything. Posting it was the wrong thing to do regardless of where and when its done. It is extremely offensive and sickening to see videos like this shared and inappropriate for sharing to members of the Imperial Gaming community.

    This part follows the events done after your ban.
    Granted this part has no relevance to contributing to your ban itself.
    However after your ban, myself and others weren't particularly pleased at the time, that you with initial ownership access, had deleted a discord server which had effort put into it in order to bring together other members of the community who play specific games. More specifically the initial Empire at War discord server. 

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  14. 23 hours ago, Rivers said:

    My main worry is that these ideas would upset the economy and people would start to gain access to the high tier weapons faster. The current balance seems good to me.


    23 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

    I agree with this statement, the way it currently is, is pretty good right now.


    I agree with both Rivers and Wombat here. The current state of point gain is fine as it is, my only dis-likening is that some of the F3 Menu weapons have been significantly changed to the point that it's not worth the 1.5 Million Points and 30K Credits. The biggest offender of poor cost is the Scatter Shotgun, sure its extremely good and was indeed extremely overpowered. But with its current state I don't believe its anywhere near as much as its worth both by credits and points.

    There are a multiple ways of earning points, not all are known to the new players of the community. The best way of earning points so far is entering the lottery constantly. However I don't believe there are many ways of earning credits. 


    Weapon Statistics
    Scatter Shotgun:

    Current - 1,500,000 Points
    Current - 30,000 Credits

    Recommended - 1,500,000 - 375,000 (Difference - 25% of 1.5 Million)
    Total: 1,125,000 Points

    Recommended - 30,000 - 5000 (Difference - 16.5% {Rounded} of 30 Thousand)
    Total: 25,000 Credits

    Magazine Capacity: 6
    Reserve Rounds: N/A (Originally 500-600)
    Recharge Time: 30-45 Seconds (Last Known Recharge Time)

    I don't disagree with the changes made to the Scatter Shotgun, yes it was indeed overpowered. But I feel as though it may be a bit too expensive for its worth at this point. If anything I'd suggest the costs that I recommended above, its not too drastic of a change and from my opinion its not too easy to obtain.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, Murdy5 said:

    Yes, i have added the details. thankyou. is there a good chance that yesterdays logs can be found? due to the no attempted return i believe i went to play some rainbow six and then tried to return to RP later that night but was banned. but, even if they do recover logs and my story is backed up do all of these "-1" replies mean they are not in support of removing the ban?

    Logs for yesterday are accessible just not to Senior Moderators and below. However the logs are being looked into in regards to confirming your story. I'm sure with reasonable proof and explanation the ban will be reduced if not removed on the decision of those in charge of overseeing ban appeals.

  16. Just now, Delta said:

    [gBan] CONSOLE has banned Wolf04 - Duration: Indefinitely! (Automatically banned for bypassing a ban. [STEAM_0:0:199924541])
    (Console) to admins: User Wolf04(STEAM_0:0:529126150) has been auto-banned for Alting
    [gBan] Player CONSOLE has unbanned Jack
    [gBan] CONSOLE has banned Jack - Duration: Indefinitely! (Automatically updated for bypassing a ban. [STEAM_0:0:529126150])

    Was literally talking to two Senior Moderators about this application, we saw the name jack guessed it might have been you.
    It got dismissed for miss matching SteamID's but then I noticed the first ban line SteamID matches.

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