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  1. Neutral - Good Person all-round. - Capable of creating Good PAC3's - Application seems some what soon, as mentioned by Delta. - PAC3 Examples seem too similar (Examples 1-5), they seem to share a lot of the same elements. I presume the Vader player model. Overall, I believe the steps you need to take would be creating more variety of unique pac3's.
  2. Ah yes, The Negotiator. I would like to say that after certain discussions, issues and concerns brought to the Management team within recent times, that they are indeed looking towards bringing a more unique variety to the Army as to make it more enticing. As it stands, there are probably a lot of regiments out there wanting to be more "unique" by having new content added or updating the current content they already have. I believe too many people feel like it's "Very easy" or imply that it is "easy" to provide new content, whether adjusting or making huge changes. Make it known that no
  3. Why does Senior Command look to be above Tarkin? Why is IIC depicted to be directly connected to Thrawn? There are other concerning elements but... I think it's just easier too... Galactic Empire Structure - Made by Alystair & Jman A very accurate representation. Minus the Imperial Intelligence's (Naval Intelligence Agency) Imperial Intelligence Corps does not exist.
  4. This is as close to credit for the storyline Kristofer is willing to give. @SCHEFF I believe I mentioned upon a few occasions the existance of the Separatist Remnant rebuilding to Moff Panaka, not sure if you can recall. Outside of the massive Zann Consortium mentions anyways.
  5. I barely respond to these, but hey. As stated by previous commenters, you do not reach the minimum playtime required for applying for PAC3. From what I can tell, is that the PAC3 example is just a playermodel bone merged, with two body groups attached. - Applicant does not meet the required playtime for PAC3. - Application has little effort put into it and only has a single example. - the one PAC3 Example you have is beyond basic and does not show or convey your skills or knowledge with PAC3. As Ubermolen has suggested in the comment above, you require the minimum playtime which
  6. This isn't a regiment, it's a research group application post which is old.
  7. Everything has flaws and as I stated earlier... - The Rebel Alliance would have created a counter eventually, especially after capturing the flight data to make it easier. - Krennic would have removed the flaw if he had survived - Tarkin decided to have the Death Star's Fleet Deployed - TIE Defender is more fighter combat orientated, so practically not that effective against corvettes and even less so with the flight data programmed into the firing solutions, especially against upper class vessels like Mon Calamari cruisers. - Tarkin if he had survived would not have allowed the same
  8. I very much doubt the TIE Defender would have made a lasting difference, considering the Rebel Alliance gaining access to the much needed flight data, eventually they would have developed a better fighter to compete with the TIE Defender Elite (Which is the flight data they took) besting both the regular Defenders and knocking every other TIE Fighter (Canon) out of the water. Sure, the Empire could have done with less expendable and more capable star fighters, but the point wasn't to go to Galactic scale war, it was to create peace & security by generating fear through power, scale and num
  9. What Delta means is that the roleplay offered by some of the droid roles are unique to themselves. The Medical Droid, KX Series Droid and IT-O Interrogation droid all have their own specific area of role play, KX being security, IT-O being interrogations and the Medical droid, you know. Being a medical droid. (At the point of finishing this entire thing @Delta seems to have responded to your question) Though I believe the roles could be looked into for some refining or possibly making it clear on some regards both in and out of role play elements. I've always believed in two character s
  10. Star Wars: Squadron A Deep Dive "Oh god, here he goes again." Asteroid Field Vortex I don't know much about this asteroid field vortex, but it looks absolutely stunning. I expect some playable areas from the campaign story to find itself in the 5v5 Star Fighter Dogfight. Standard Imperial Design Hangar Bay Its fairly obvious by the design and the ships within that this is your typical Imperial Hangar bay. What peaks my interest is the scale, the positioning and lack of the ships own hull visible from the hangar bay. As you can see from the im
  11. Best of luck to you Archer, was good while it lasted. I'll be sure to hide some hybrid Imperial/Rebel logos around the place.
  12. A valid point is made, I have always had it in my mind about what can be done to well... Reduce the role of Dio from being so overpowered without removing things from its actual loadout. The firearms you actually see him carry (obviously not including the taser) are things that are given to the role through either the Extra Weapon perk in the perk tree or point shop weapons. Some of the concept ideas I had for having the role nerfed without removing weapons or abilities is putting in ground rules. Ground rules is a good start, but its not necessarily the weapons alone (the player hit
  13. Timothy Zahn like story telling. PTSD of the Rise of Skywalker... "It's just a feeling". Xalrich is a Jedi confirmed. Order 66 was an inside job. What about the Sand People. When do you believe you will finish the story? When do I believe I would get around to writing up mine? Who knows...
  14. @Xavier The 7th Fleet Initiative is no longer in use. I can't remember all of the reasons why.
  15. Fleet Admiral Wombat, Admiral Kassius Konstantine. Not to worry, both of your ships are in safe hands. Going to miss you randomly popping in on the channels late nights. Good bye Wombat, best wishes to you and good luck with Year 12.
  16. You mean the one I sent you ;p The one Jman sent me? I think things have come full circle. I ultimately think Jman has told everyone otherwise @Ragetank
  17. You miss understand, I'm just making the point that my Trailer being the Official one is true blood :p
  18. There will be no +1 from me. However I do have things to bring up in regards to your actions. This part follows the video that was shared throughout a few or more discords. The Bounty Hunter discord wasn't the only place you shared / posted the video. And I don't believe those two discords were alone in receiving the video shared / posted by you. I know for certain that the video was also posted by you in the Imperial Security Bureau discord. However not entirely certain on this part, I don't believe it was put as a spoiler either. In either case putting it as a spoiler doesn't
  19. I mean, should have given the post a different title more relevant to the topic so I would have known. Also IGN always hijack trailers and repost them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Hello There The Best trailers are those which want you to see more by the end of it. Pausing the video at every scene I found of interest. There are some references, especially to some comic releases relevant to certain characters from other shows.
  21. I agree with both Rivers and Wombat here. The current state of point gain is fine as it is, my only dis-likening is that some of the F3 Menu weapons have been significantly changed to the point that it's not worth the 1.5 Million Points and 30K Credits. The biggest offender of poor cost is the Scatter Shotgun, sure its extremely good and was indeed extremely overpowered. But with its current state I don't believe its anywhere near as much as its worth both by credits and points. There are a multiple ways of earning points, not all are known to the new players of the community. The best wa
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