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  1. stole my idea i was gonna edit and say to create a sweep for turbolasers.. SMH
  2. so ive asked to shut down 1 of the thread cause you got a point and yes if you look a little lower it says Star wars the clone wars unless you can find or proved a better one.
  3. Please see recent post...on random discussion
  4. ok so the shows/ movies will be all of the Pengiest Munch 1 - 25 in a 1 hour span, then it will be continued to a Starwars Movie cause just starwars in starwars gmod, I think its best to have the cinema screenings happen between 6:00PM to 7:00PM and 8:00PM to 9:00PM., so from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm will be Pengiest and from 8 To 9 will be the starwars movie......... starwars movie: Starwars the Clone wars [Animated cause its the only thing i found on youtube]
  5. TomBlack


    I've made this post due to me JUST realizing that there are weapons in the old temple that can be used in events instead of not using them.. the weaponry shouldn't and wouldn't lag there server nor hit the ISD if navy cant be trusted hammer's squadron can use it instead of blocking it, just having them puts more RP for navy tank/Hammer squadron the system is easily used and not hard by putting this into play has more of a realistic game play im sure that most people may agree.... sincerely, Blackby Philip
  6. thank you sully especially cause I'm in navy I'm having a lot of fun.............
  7. i understand that now well im now focusing on heavy rp...
  8. So the point in making this is to have a great movie night, at around 9;30pm AEST on the 9//11/19 on friday to have a mad night and have fun. if you wanna come just type a comment saying you are...... Sincerely, Philip
  9. bailey as in i snitch/ report mate i think you missunderstood there buddy
  10. well through the pain i went through i'm a human too, i just wanted to see what the community's response is i have had a chat with a few people and ill be coming back on most terms, any disrespect will be handed straight to admins with recorded evidence, i thought before snitching/reporting was a dick move but i guess not any more.
  11. Much love bro i thank you xx but due to what i said and how i left also all the hate i got i think that they deserve to vote on me coming back or not. BUT i understand at what you mean and will take it to consideration :heart:
  12. @dax well i dont wanna comeback if people do not enjoy me there i dont want to return and stop from enjoying there rp man
  13. So me leaving was alright gave me more time BUT i will comeback mature and respectable i wanna come back with different name / person, my mic will be muted and heavy rp will be in place also my rank will be private ooh and a apology letter (to IHC). this is the only way for me to come back but at the end pf today at 12am midnight AEST it will be your discussion for me to come back with those terms that will be final if any other terms could be suggested say it bellow best regards T. Blackby,
  14. I will be creating a new playlist as my old one has webs and mold starting to inculcate. ill be great full if i get a assist OR giving you ur playlist will help Me and the bois made this one: A example of taste of song type:
  15. TomBlack


    @Mongo i will try and talk to welshy if this is allowed i will contact a EM to host it @Rickle its an idea for a event dont like it dont join lol, plus you dont even play on the server but its meant as a event themed not in character thing its not being minge its being up in date with the world and its stupidity @Kristofer Na man wont in character
  16. TomBlack


    AHHAHAHAH @SiegeMonkey im trying to turn it to a event and turn into event characters
  17. TomBlack


    I have a Veri Veri Cood idea we will go and raid ilum as a joke of the Area 51 meme Raiding. this event or RAID will be held on the 19/07/2019 the plan is using the transport ship to raid ilum and find out what the imperial high command are hiding from there citizens and troopers etc. ALIENS this can only be accomplished by having a EM holding this amazing idea if any EM or trooper would love to participate in this #StormIlum please reply to this allowing more people to join for the fun of it. -Blackby
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