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  1. special

    ridge ban

    sorry guys my english is not very good i cant convey long sentences, i am from denmark. i try my best i just want to play on your teamspeak server i am sorry what i done. if i can hear from ridge that would be cool
  2. special

    ridge ban

    In-Game Name: Nill kiggers Steam UID 64: FnmZMr9sFIUVRM50KmHhtoNY4Gc= is myTEAMSPEAK UID Reason on Ban Message: Troll Admin who banned me: @Ridge Why this ban was unfair: I'm very sorry for making my name nill kiggers, please unban Supporting evidence (Video only): https://plays.tv/video/5af941cc3c1980f030/fuck?from=user
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