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  1. he calls everyone the biggest minge but does questionable things to me specifically...
  2. Solar


    congrats on del meeko matto i hope we can have some fun and engaging interactions. hopefully i wont get re educated.
  3. im now expecting to be covered with aos' placed on stitches now. at least i can have glitter thrown at my face once more
  4. i finally get a cool banner... wait everyone gets a cool banner... still awesome though
  5. sure thing when i get home in 6 hrs from this post just ping me on discord if your in the sk/rt discord. or contact me some other way that i dont know of.
  6. sounds great! time to go annoy my CO
  7. ill be happy to be studied, i also do psychology in school currently just kidnap me in game via any means necessary and ask away.
  8. heya sterling ill be leaving a FAT +1 due to the insane amount of detail. there is no doubt in my mind that you will benefit the EM team greatly, good luck!
  9. 1. Final space (the animated show) its final space what do you expect. 2. my little pony: friendship is magic my little ponyyyy my little ponyyy... wait a minute i shouldnt be leaking my secrets 3. police ten 7 i enjoy watching things about police and stuff so yeh 4. rick and morty im not obsessed but its a show i really like
  10. personally i think sith benefit from pac the most in my opinion plus the pac examples seem pretty neat. +1 from me! GOOD LUCK!
  11. oh hey its you! that person that did that thing with that one guy that i wasnt even on that one time cause i never actually met you! anyway with jokes aside welcome back i hope we can be friends
  12. i already have DST and i find its a great game if you actually know what the hell your doing as its a VERY unforgiving game. fun to play with friends though. ups the challenge and everything. i would love to actually have people to play it with.
  13. congrats to everyone who won an award! nicest players are well deserved. cecil and loki are too nice imo.
  14. Solar


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