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  1. greetings, it seems as though i may be wanted for tax evasion, hmm. welcome to IG
  2. Solar

    574 days

    the person who passed my cl3 test, will always remember you wimlay, have a good one. O7
  3. I know my opinion may be a little biased considering that we are friends and all as well as being in the same regiment and stuff. But I honestly believe you have what it takes 100% to be a great staff member within the community, responses are alright and you act mature in game. I hope you dedicate yourself to shock for longer then I did and hopefully you get accepted. Sincerely, Solar
  4. Cant terrorise me if im never on the internet due to unfortunate circumstances of being at a hotel with limited internet. I dont want to check my discord now, its going to be hell.
  5. Hello everyone, I am here to sadly say that due to real life circumstances that i wont be able to play on any IG server for quite a while. I'm just here to show my appreciation to the entire community who has made my stay a very welcome one, everyones all welcoming and friendly to everyone. When i first joined the server (technically second) it was at the beginning of 2019, I walked around for a bit and found myself in shock tryouts and i managed to ace the tryout first try (i think) I was immediately shoved into an entirely new world that day, beginning my career in the shock trooper regiment as a private. Back then i new literally no one except for the one who recruited me into shock who was the all mighty cool black pauldron guy by the name of @Camaro. He was the one who taught me everything about the regiment and how its run (sort of). from then i spent a solid 6 days as a private striving to do my best, every arrest i made was just as interesting and fun as the last (racked up around 30 not gonna lie) and along the road i met some new people who would eventually become my friends (even if it wasnt for long), these people helped me through my entire adventure in the regiment, a good pal of mine @Larko was most definitely a big help. The day then came, the day of my promotion (which honestly wasnt really that big to anyone other then me) which happened to be the only day an officer was online in shock that ive ever seen (other then camaro when i joined). That person was the one who I liked the best in shock without question, the one who helped me the most and that was @Kazimir who was the second in command at the time, through the next couple weeks i managed to rank up to corporal, thats around the time I became (somewhat) rivals with another shock trooper by the name of @Dynamite, seeing who could get the most arrests before becoming a sergeant, who could actually get the rank first etc. When the CL2 test came about, I managed to fail it 3 times! and Dynamite managed to pass it before me and get promoted. The next day i attempt it again and i pass it, the one who conducted that test was @Butcher232. through the next month or so it became my time to shine, and recieve the rank of second lieutenant, this time made me really excited as I was finally about to be someone who could actually have a difference in the regiment. The time of my CL3 test, I dont remember the date but all i remember is that i passed it with flying colours (atleast i like to think that) and the next thing i know is that i was finally an officer in the shock trooper regiment. At this time I believe @Flame and kazimir who where the 2IC of riot and shock respectively became a major (dont quote me on that they probably recieved that rank way before). After a few weeks had passed of doing my best as an officer i recieved the rank of lieutenant and was invited into the "SK/RT council" who are pretty much the people who actually make changes and stuff about the regiment and run it. that improved my mood durastically and i was loving every second of my career after that, sadly kazimir my 2IC resigned, when this happened my heart sunk, however that meant only 1 thing, since i happened to be the highest ranking shock that was my commanding officer (who was @Tree by the way, hes great) I recieved second in command of shock, and with that i was also promoted to the rank of captain! after a while of attempting to run the regiment alongside my commanding officer i recieved the rank of major. Eventually tree was kicked out of shock and then my time was about to come, to lead the shock regiment! However my dreams where crushed by the might of someone who rejoined riot who happened to be @Theo. He took over shock from the rank of captain in riot to shock CO, this obviously made me a little depressed not gonna lie, I became inactive, spending my time doing things not related to shock or IG as a whole. eventually theo resigned and then i finally thought it was my time to be CO, however i realised that a friend ive made who happens to be @Flame again honestly deserved the CO position way more then I did even though he was in riot, flame then recieved CO of shock, i improved my activity a bit and started enjoying myself a bit more, I never got really active though like i once did back before i became 2ic but none the less i enjoyed it. throughout my journey as a major i ended up getting in a little bit of trouble with ISB, which eventually lead to my demotion from major to lieutenant, however that was shortlived as i immediately got promoted to captain (still a 1 rank demotion) due to the fact that flame felt bad for the situation that happened (will explain more about it in a bit) and asked if the 2 rank demotion could be split between us both. This situation mostly started when i was being a fool and was "watching cat videos" on the SK/RT computer that we have in our bunks, the search history was then downloaded onto a hard drive by isb (@kyle). Flame (ash at this time) offered a little suggestion to add some actual roleplay to it so i pm'd kyle saying that he would find [REDACTED] photo's on it. eventually it lead to these 2 wonderfully recorded videos of the interrogation that happened. Part 1: Part 2: Throughout my adventures within the community i have met and made some great friends, great people. Sadly my computers graphics card has decided to become non existent anymore (cant really get a new considering i dont have money + its a laptop) and i can no longer play any game what so ever. The only way to contact me would have to be through discord or steam, only thing i'll be doing now is just playing roblox on my school laptop, ill try to be active on the forums as well but this is a goodbye from me. Sincerely, Solar
  6. god damn, i missed the photo day by 1 day, no one at all told me that we where taking a photo that day, sucks that i missed it ngl. nice work to all those who won awards, this year for me has been a big one, both in game for me and in real life. cant wait to finally reach my full year in shock though!
  7. Correction: *laughs histerically when watching solar do paperwork*
  8. Hello and thank you for applying for an event master position! I am here to provide negative feedback to your application, and these are the reasons why: - troll application - does not meet the required time to even apply - both event idea's lack creativity or anything unique about them. - no detail what so ever in the application - obviously new to the server (via the playtime) - not known at all in the community this concludes my reasoning behind my negative feedback. Good luck! Sincerely, Solar
  9. just make the colours changeable in game so we can have purple xp bars etc.
  10. I watched it, does that mean im going to jail now? I dont think im legally allowed to see this.
  11. [IG] mug when? i need to add one to my collection of mugs. also what kind of game we looking at when we say esports? I'm assuming everyone is referring to games like csgo.
  12. good thing i dont have a clue on how to use pac nice work bailey, cant wait to see what people use with all these new models
  13. when i get home i'll be glued to roblox for about an hour doin this ngl thanks for informing me, i never actually check out the events.
  14. Hello and thank you for applying for a trial moderator position on imperial gaming! I am here to provide feedback to your application, I will be leaving positive feedback for these reasons: - mature - active - very detailed application - trusted member of the community - friendly These are my reasons on providing positive feedback. good luck! Sincerely, Solar might need to fix that up, you repeated the same thing twice.
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