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  1. Hello and thank you for applying for an event master position on imperial gaming! I am here to give a neutral response to this, my reasons are as follows: - Active from what ive seen - Mature - Questions could be fleshed out more, I see a lot of missing information - Being an event master causes you to handle possibly tougher situations with people as event masters have to organise a group of players and tell them what they must do throughout an event (event characters) This concludes my reasonings behind my neutral response Right now I cant see the event examples due to my school blocking google docs. Kinda dumb imo. Good luck! Sincerely, Solar
  2. Solar

    Guten Tag!

    oh no no, not the memes, NOT THE MEMES anyway welcome back to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay
  3. terraria modded sounds interesting, would love to play that again
  4. I dont know how to respond, however i very much like avatar the last airbender. BAILEY WTH YOUR SERVER MOD NOW!?
  5. Posting stuff on the forums at 4:14AM on a school night smh ragnar. Anyway hows it goin! and to answer your question my day (night) has been quite stressful but overall good, first day of school to look forward to and I have to finish an assignment that was due last term.
  6. Hello and thank you for applying for event master for imperial gaming! I have read through your application and I will be giving positive feedback, my reasons include: - from what ive seen of you have taken everything seriously and always thought positively about most things - most definitely active - interesting event idea's - why yes you have the required play time however you have not made yourself that well known to the community (as expressed by other replies to the application) - great attitude! - backed by one of the greatest EM's known on IG These are my reasons why I have provided positive feedback too your applicaiton. Good Luck. Sincerely, Solar
  7. woah congratsahulations mayun!
  8. you should make it so that people can create the gang whenever they want, however if they want that actually useful benefits (such as having territory etc) they have to get the gang verified by making a forum thread about the gang and it being approved by staff. reminder with the rules to go indepth about LITERALLY EVERYTHING to avoid mis understandings and loopholes.
  9. Hype = more hype which = EVEN MORE HYPE which in return = SO MUCH HYPE THAT I HOPE SOMEONE STREAMS IT we should have someone to stream and cast it like an actual comp match
  10. Just 'studying' for my english exam tomorrow (which is insanely long). hopefully i do well in it. Any time im at home im usually on my computer playin gmod or some other game. overall i feel like poop, way to stressed over my school rn so i cant wait for holidays Jokes on me i still gotta code a website over the holidays
  11. Tazing and cuffing the emperor and taking him hostage would be a nice way to go out ngl
  12. Not gonna lie i use to be self concious about my voice. When i finally got a proper working mic (that didnt sound complete trash) i immediately hopped onto a random gmod server and went around asking how old they thought i was based on my voice and to my suprise everyone thought i was 16+ in reality i sound like a 12 year old on steroids but apparently i dont sound that young online somehow. dont worry you'll eventually build up the courage to start speaking with your mic.
  13. The curses of being at a school that blocks google docs. I'll update this post with my opinion when i get home.
  14. JOIN SHOCK! ples i beg yu also the regiments are pre cool rn, currently shock are better then riot in every way, shape and form. 996th are also very nice 375th is where you go if you wanna have a smashing good time (tinky is the CO aka best CO) engineers is for some of that juicy maintenance rp (which can get quite intense sometimes) Im not old so i assume that im not an old boy and i havent placed a hit on anyone in a long time the last hit that i placed i believe on @Flame cause he said riot was better then shock
  15. With the chatbox issue all you have to do is just type any message in it and press enter (just as jman said it) just try not to refresh the page and you should be good. funny to see 5 thousand dots in the chatbox ngl
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