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  1. Bro im gonna miss you buddy, I will always remember those times in shock, man those where the good times, hope you find your calling and have an enjoyable life. I'll always miss those situations we got into, even when it lead to a demotion, i will still miss those classical solar beating sessions. O7
  2. I would just love a computer to play gmod again oh yeah, bring back shock to its former glory (when i was in it)
  3. Aight you gotta bring back riot, shock gotta have entire wars within their own bunks again, entire 5v5 fist fights against riot and shock. also gov got removed? jeez i need to get a new computer asap to see this stuff.
  4. My main man prodigy, honestly I believe you got what it takes, mature (mostly anyway), a pretty nice person. +1 Yeah I still look at applications Sincerely, Solar
  5. My man twist, cant believe you actually made it to full developer, application seems nice, +1 Probably one of the most trusted people in the server to be perfectly honest. I miss the good o'l days in shock/riot, fun times. Sincerely, Solar
  6. welcome shmelcome, shock the best reg imo
  7. was always alive, just never said anything... and im trying to get a new PC, just havent really focused on getting a job cause im behind on school work and stuff .-.
  8. SMH ANGUS NOT INCLUDING ME anyway congrats on reaching 1 year on the server, sucks i cant be able to join the server to congratulate you in person. Hope ya stay an EM for longer, hope to be a part of one of your events in the future whenever i get a working computer. im lonely please say hi on discord :)) Sincerely, Solar
  9. O7 Never met you personally but good luck in your future, hopefully you come back eventually. Sincerely, Solar
  10. Man this is hard for me to hear, even though I'm still not playing on the server its still hard to hear that someone i've known for so long is leaving IG. I still remember those days when you where still in SCAR, man those where nice times. Have a good one mate, bloody legend. Sincerely, Solar
  11. yo kamelieon, hows it goin, welcome back, im still not able to play hope ya have a wonderful time little cutie
  12. you've done some interesting things, concerning things, but this, this is too much, please see a therapist, im honestly concerned for your sanity. very interesting yes yes
  13. shock best reg change my mind welcome to the forums where i'll most likely not say anything but welcome
  14. greetings, it seems as though i may be wanted for tax evasion, hmm. welcome to IG
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