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  1. Its a good idea Kippy but this seems more like a CWRP kind of thing as the only distiction between Alpha and Beta even in Fandom is that one group was made pre-geonosis and the other was made after. Other regiments also have systems like this in place like Vaders Wrath in VF which still has the troopers remain distictictly within their battalon. ARC is part of the 439th Battalon so people who would join BARC would be split in-between two battalions as you would have a measure of control over those troopers due to your ability to revoke the title at any time. A way to fix this is to o
  2. Looks really good Gusky. Can't wait to see the new changes implemented. But I was wondering if you had any details on how the regiments would be rotated. Would everyone in the regiment moving out of rotation be removed or would everyone in the regiment join the new one? and would this only happen to regiments that struggle to become popular, like EVO and Shadow.
  3. @Braino Your argument works until you bring up DT and PT. I do not know about PT but DT over the last month has only had around 3 new people join,recently our slots were reduced so now our number is going to be over capped for a short while. However your argument may apply to CF and PT, I'm not sure, but both regiments do not have high player caps as CF only has 12 slots and PT has around the same, assuming they both only had 1 person in them that would only remove 22 (assuming pt has 12 slots) people from the army if they recruited to the maximum, exclusively from army regiments. Your argumen
  4. Wtf do you mean RETAIN 16 slots? We had 24 now we got 16, 8 slots been lost in the gutting of Army because they couldn't retain army members. Seem to include in in your argument like it is somehow DT's fault that we have a great group of people most of which were in old DT and Chimeria playing with good activity and RP action, we have not taken or added any significant amount of players and thinking that further reducing our slots will make the military have a boost in players simply does not make sense, all it does is turn off people from the server who find the military boring. And beli
  5. Vile

    Nerf Dio

    Why restrict his RP as a nerf. It simply wont work because when DIO in RP can kill people, if he does too good a job people could blame him anyway. No it simply wont work and will be abused or mis-reported. Plus what does DIO do if there are no INF on? Does he just sit around doing nothing? If you want to nerf DIO reduce his base HP to 100-50hp, he is a small infiltrator droid, not a giant tanky one. Nerfing his HP pool will force DIO to take on a more conservative/supporting role as he will be less able to survive on his own. Hopefully this will make the person who plays DIO (currently phobia
  6. Ever since I joined Shore Stark has shown himself to be a very nice, confident and understanding person who understands the times to be serious and to be... not so serious. I think he would be a excellent addition to the the staff team, so much so I have been inclined to open an account on this forum for the first time to voice my support. He has the expected activity, maturity and understanding that all good moderator need to have. +1
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