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  1. This is facts, anything that makes people laugh is outlawed my friend. Too many poor decisions have made this server unenjoyable. The amount of people who take "Serious RP" seriously is anything but the vast majority, you're a joker if you think otherwise. Whoever's making some of these changes to the server can't actually believe they're doing a good job when a good amount of the community complains about the same shit. You'll know you've made a good change when half the server pop isn't sat staring at a wall afk.
  2. @Bailey is correct always agree with bailey he do no wrong
  3. lol angry biden supporter kanye 2020 pogchamp
  4. easy for thicc orange man
  5. it's almost like you didn't read the reply
  6. Old game, The Forest, has an amazing story behind the survival. I'd really recommend playing that before the new game comes out. Halo is always good. KSP 2 is releasing later this year so if you're interested in that might want to practice a bit on KSP 1. Among us, Pummel party, Town of Salem will always be there if you've got friends. Xbox game pass got hella shit too
  7. Bit of honey soy chicken for the blokes
  8. I remember Marlu notably for his role on the clone wars server as staff and Major General. Has prior knowledge and has been in demanding positions on the server. +1
  9. +1 Great bloke, good chat, bit too funny for his own good apparently. Regardless, easy positive support for Fred. Good luck
  10. +1 long serving member of the community, and an overall good guy. Definitely trustworthy with a tier 1 PAC role.
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