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  1. twitch.tv/hdhappy

  2. Vadrian

    Discord Ban

    Denied You have put no effort in trying to be unbanned and you haven't even been bothered to put the actual reasoning for why you were banned in the first place.
  3. Hey guys lets roleplay... haha jk... unless?
  4. You know why you were banned.
  5. Since leaving both the staff team and the server, the only thing you've been doing on the discord is constantly shitposting. Just because you believe you're a better fit as a member compared to others in the discord, it doesn't mean you've had a positive impact or are actually a good member at all. However, since I believe that people can change and act normal, your ban will be lifted on Monday - continue acting the same way and you'll just be removed again. Accepted.
  6. Vadrian

    Discord Ban

    Denied Your recent behaviour on the Community Discord has warranted the ban. Racism will not be tolerated.
  7. Yooo who cares?? Add another battalion!! Kinda random that someone who isn't affected by the changes is the one making a post about this rather than someone who is but w/e everyone's entitled to an opinion so I'm just gonna leave some thoughts below I think that MT are just getting a name and colour change and aren't actually being removed(?) idk could be wrong and I'm guessing the 275th is being formed into the same structure as the 501st/107th is so that everything is structured the same/are more uniform as well as to make the 275th sub regiments actually look like they're somewhat affi
  8. Except Jozo, he's an idiot
  9. Another tournie for you to lose in the final in
  10. Come on man you aren't really going to complain about free stuff are you? The competitions are supposed to be happening monthly so the prizes are already incredibly generous and if you want more augment points then grind your weeklies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 625,000 credits, $50 steam game, 8 augment points and a medal - could be worse
  11. So both members of the 1st place duo will each receive 25% of the total prize pool, then second get 15% each and 3rd get 10% each which adds up to 100%. Next tournament will have a separate prize pool.
  12. Agree here, if you're unbanned, hopefully you've matured enough in your time away from the server to be able to become a respected member within the community. Despite the previous warns, it's been nearly 2 years since the ban so I'll be leaving positive support on the appeal with a permanent probation, good luck.
  13. With the initial ban being from nearly 3 years ago, I believe this has given you ample time to both reflect on your actions as well as mature as a person. We are always welcoming of players which are looking to actually play the server seriously and if you believe you're ready to do that, then I believe you're deserving enough of a second chance. I'll be leaving positive support.
  14. Didn't even know Aldwin was banned just thought he stopped playing In my previous stint playing when Aldwin was around, he was a pleasure to have around on the server and was just an all and all very solid member of the community. I see no reason for him to not be unbanned and to rejoin the community once again as I believe he'd have a positive impact on the server and it's players. I'm unsure as to what the ban was originally for, but as no other staff members have had anything negative to comment, I'd like to be optimistic about the situation and say that it wasn't anything too major o
  15. Tool gun when dropping bombs on people
  16. @Cecil for one last hoorah dude you should take enough money out for us to fly out to the gold coast to find happy and for all 3 of us to sit on the beach and enjoy some zinger boxes together because I'm pretty sure Happy doesnt eat dude he's like 5'3 37kg at the age of 13 and he needs our assistance @Happy we're coming for you dude @zaspan said you can sleep on his couch
  17. Glosko if you shoot me in the ass one more time in an event you shithead I will rain down a shitstorm upon you and your people In all seriousness, I'm not personally involved with any of these majorish disputes so I won't comment on them, but I will say: - The running ahead in events is still something that happens but aren't a huge deal as it's something that can be remedied quite easily - The carelessness shown by a few during events that lead to them accidentally killing others with their sabers (shitheads pistol) is getting a little annoying Be free to ignore my comment
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