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  1. 3 minutes ago, Strix said:

    Imagine still lurking on star wars RP forums

    not really lurking considering the fact that i just posted now is it? it's a good laugh to come here every now and then to see what the latest stupid developments are or to read the retarded petty arguments that break out every now and then (like the sith post lmao)

  2. this post is so dumb it actually hurts... hurr durr guess stupid facts about myself and give ME attention for a bit and I will give you guys credits!! "Questions are partly personal" yet the man has every single question being something like how much x do I have or what x am I? imagine attention seeking on the forums of a gmod server smh.


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  3. Easy +1

    Heinrich has shown himself to be a trustworthy and valuable member of this community, his reasoning for wanting to become an EM is very good as is his app. I honestly can't say that I have ever had anything but good interactions with Heinrich. He would be a good addition to the team, best of luck with your application.

  4. Caboose, I have nothing but good memories of you. I genuinely have nothing negative to say here, you have shown yourself to be not only a good member of a community but a good person in general. In saying all this I was never around for all the drama between IG and EG, I have heard some things but even still it is so long ago at this point and I see no reason that it should hold you back today. As such this is a very easy +1 from me.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Aezir said:

    So uh, I've been kinda feeling like making a comeback. But I'm not really sure if I want to at the same time. I'm sure there are a lot of you that would not be ready for me to return but thats okay. I don't really care to be honest but really I'm pretty chill and friendly.


    So let's get to the point. Is it a bad time to return or not?


    Also want to say, good job Event Team, looks like you guys have done a decent job, especially @Arkan@Kristofer and all the other members, apart from @Anderson


    Wow dude I am so hurt that you could say such a thing! >:( But nah seriously the server is in a pretty steady state rn, you could always come join Shock or Riot...

  6. +1, It is quite evident that you have put a lot of thought into this application, it is clear to me that you are serious about wanting this role. In addition to this I can recall having you as an EC on many occassions and cannot say anything negative about you from my experiences.

    - Event ideas are excellent, they are beautifully formatted and enjoyable to read. I also really like the additional pathways that the events may take. Well done.

    - A lot of care has been taken in making the actual application.

    - Basic knowledge of ULX commands is a good sign as you will be using these a lot.

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  7. Easy +1 for this one

    - Previous experience going up to the rank of Senior EM, has a very good understanding of how the Event team functions and what is expected of them.

    - Has already shown the ability to run a good quality event.

    - Application is well written, event ideas are good.

    - My only concern would be the low event numbers you had leading up to your leaving, but this is not that big of a deal.

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  8. Changing to a +1

    Naptune has since provided me with sufficient explanation regarding his removal, I see no reason to let this hold him back from being an EM again and I have no reason to believe that it'll be repeated.

    - The application is well written with plenty of detail.

    - Event Ideas are good and I would be interested in seeing them ran on the server, however for the second event mainly it seems to be assuming that a few things will happen instead of planning for what could happen.

    - Previous EM experience.

    What I would like to see in support of this application would be you putting yourself out there in any way you see fit, it's not really necessary just I believe it would help to improve your chances.

  9. Easy +1 from me

    Now I can't say I have had extensive interactions with Storm on the server, but from the few that I have had and from what I have seen in general I am led to believe that he would be a good fit for the Event team. I honestly can't look back and think of any negative interactions with Storm.

    - Well detailed event ideas, I really like the fact that they are broken up into stages. I could see these actually working on the server.

    - Application itself has a good level of detail, answers are good.

    - Biggest positive for me is the fact that this will be his 4th attempt at applying for EM, showing that he is dedicated to the idea of being an EM.

    - Slight issues with Grammar in the application making some of it a bit more difficult to read and follow but not really a big deal.

    Also as a side note, please change that damn dark blue to something a bit more readable.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, Cammers said:

    Your PACs are quite basic but I like the Hound Trooper concept one and the little details are always good to have. Would want to know what you're more capable of with PAC potentially but this is a good start.

    Oh, and you're very trustworthy and a fantastic lad in general, would just need more examples of some more intricate and detailed PACs

    Neutral with a +1 lean

    Sorry mate I was struggling with adding more picture to the application, had no idea how these forums work. Has since been updated with more examples and explanations behind them.

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  11. Application Details

    Steam Name: Pvt Anderson

    SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:28340989

    Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LolWhyYouReadThis/

    In Game Name: Warrant Officer II The Anderson

    Time Played Imperial RP: 10 weeks, 4 days, 14 hours

    Time Played Imperial RP Evidence

    Have you used PAC3 Before?

    Why should you be trusted with PAC3?
    I would like to believe that through my time as an EM with access to pac that I have proven myself to be trustworthy with pac and have shown myself to not be someone who abuses it. I have used it mainly as a means to improve upon my roleplay both in events and outside of events. With all of my pacs that I have made I have always ensured that they make sense in some way before even seriously making the pac.

    Why do you want access to PAC3?
    I would like access to PAC because I see it as one of the best ways to improve upon your characters roleplay and backstory, I belive it to also be a very useful tool to help increase immersion in events. One of my main reasons that I am applying for it here instead of just using the version I get through staff is my intention to fully learn and apply for Tier 2 to even further improve upon my pac abilities on the server. I believe that eventually achieving Tier 2 would allow me to greatly improve upon my events in some ways and my characters.

    Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
    I believe I deserve PAC because as stated earlier I have proven myself to be a trustworthy person with its usage, I have also shown myself to be more than willing to take any suggestions or criticisms of my pacs. One of my major things with all of my creations is making sure that they make sense both for people with pac enabled and for those with it disabled, it's a small thing but I believe that using the correct base model to be essential so that it still makes sense if someone doesn't have pac on or if they have a low render distance. I would also like to believe that I have shown myself to be competent in specifically Tier 1 usage of pac which I can hopefully show to you through my examples.

    PAC3 Example 1: Flak 88 event concept (First pac ever made)


    Basically this pac was making use of a turret model as a base, the pac part was heavily inspired by a Flak 88, the turret rotates fully and the gun changes elevation based on where the player is looking, in addition to this when used with a rocket launcher the rockets appear to be coming out of the barrel.



    PAC3 Example 2: DIO Pac


    For this pac I got the base posing given to me by Nada and reposed it a bit and retextured the droid to make it look more in line with its game apperance instead of just bright red eyes everywhere. 

    For the next picture this was the replacement for the Stun E-11 that I made, there are two red and blue lights at the front that alternate flashing like irl, the two lights on top stayed the same colour but they rotated constantly while the taser was out. The sparks that you can sort of see in between the hands flickered fast giving the illusion of sparks to the best of my ability with Tier 1.


    A pretty basic talking animation, it is just a hologram of Iden looking at a even smaller hologram of DIO.


    The Bacta Injector replacement that I made, I never got to fully finish this or make it look more refined due to moving out of the role, the intention here was to make it look like the Bacta was more built into the droid and to show where it was stored as well.


    PAC3 Example 3: Inferno B1 Concept



    This pac was simply a concept that I made while also being DIO, it made use of the B1 Specialist base model retextured with the same shades of red and black used on Inferno Squad's armour, on the back was DIO essentially plugging in to make it look like he was controlling the droid directly. This pac was intended to be my combat pac to make myself more balanced and easy to hit for the ECs.



    PAC3 Example 4: Seyn Marana Pac


    This one was my first real experience making a pac for a human playermodel, it used the Iden model as a base. It was based off of the standard Helmet on bodygroups in order to not break immersion for those without pac on or low render distances. As shown in this 1st picture it has the tubes given to it from the basic pilot model on the server as the Inferno models do not include tubes by default. The way that this was done was through a lot of struggling with clip and repositioning bones, I have since learnt a much easier and better looking way to do this.

    In this picture you can see the talking animation, this one is very similar to the one as seen on my DIO pac with a few minor changes such as being held in the hand and coming from a small holoprojector.


    Shown here are the two weapons on the back along with the baton that will be shown later and a custom thigh holster with an RK-3 in it. All weapons had events that hid them when they were equipped.


    The baton was a replacement for the fists, it was inspired by the baton used by Iden in BF2. This one was quite simply an imported baton clipped and textured with textures already on the server.


    For the final part of this pac, the actual head replacement. This was done by a swap event that hid the submaterial of the helmet and unhid the imported head, unfortunately I have lost the version of this that was much cleaner looking and looked more natural but this will still give you an idea of what I had.


    PAC3 Example 5: Hound Trooper Concept


    A fairly simple pac that I worked on for a short time, never got to wear it and am kinda glad that I didn't because of the clone wars helmet. Anyway all this pac was is an imported helmet + antenna as seen on the left shoulder, it was also resized and rextured to be more close to the colour of Shock's armour. However, I am not fully sure if the version shown here was the retextured version. It also includes two DC-17s in the holsters and a DLT-19 and DP-23 on the back with their own events.


    PAC3 Example 6: Purple Purgetrooper Medic



    This pac is in hindsight a bit more of a silly one, it was a slight retexture of the Purge armour to make the stripes and some tinting Purple instead of white or dark black along with some minor cleaning of the boots and legs as I was not a fan of all the dirt in those areas.. It also included the ST backpack retextured to be similar to Purge armour with a DC-15A and Electro Staff clipped down to look compacted. I do however believe this pac to be a very pivotal point in my ability to make good pacs as it was my first time messing with bumpmaps, phong and all those similar settings in order to make myself look as similar to the original model as possible instead of the classic plastic trooper look. 



    PAC3 Example 7: Medic Trooper (Current PAC - Still more work being done on this one)



    For this last pac example I used the female medic officer model as the base model, the head replacement shown is taken from the Sci Fi citizens pack as is the beret. The eyes have been retextured to fix an issue and the beret has been retextured to be more white. The chestplate and belt are both pulled from the ST model and make use of their bumpmaps. This pac is more of a simple one and does not include any weapon events or the likes just yet but I am quite fond of it.



    As a completely irrelevant side note, if anyone wishes to see any of these pacs in game for more indepth consideration feel free to message me and ask. Also if for some reason you want to know exactly how I did something here feel free to ask as well.

    Terms & Conditions
    I agree

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  12. +1

    I have nothing but good experiences with Cammers, every interaction I have had with him leads me to believe he would be a great fit for the role of Moderator. His application is very well written showing a level of care not always seen in these apps, the answers are well detailed and realistic. I must say though I am surprised about the playtime, even with his fairly low playtime he is quite well known and very active on the server.

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  13. On 1/22/2021 at 7:42 PM, Binny said:


    Application is well written and all answers are in depth. 

    Whilst the first event is a little silly, it goes in complete detail, outlining how the event will flow including structure and detail. Very well made. 


    Good Bloke

     You'd fit into the EM team

    Not really much more I can say on top of this, easy +1 from me.

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  14. +1, Aezir has previously shown that he has the ability to be a good EM for this server. The application itself has a good amount of detail in it and explains clearly enough why he left and why he wants to return, in addition to this the event ideas are quite well done and I look forward to seeing them played out. In terms of the whole leaving thing what can I say other than I completely understand, at the end of the day it is a game and real life always comes first. Best of luck with your application mate.

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  15. I'm going to leave a Neutral on this application. In terms of your event ideas I can't summarise it better than Angus already has, since his comment it doesn't look like you've improved these event ideas yet and it is my opinion that these events while good ideas wouldn't work. I recognise that your behaviour has improved and is continuing to do so but I still can't ignore your previous history in relation to the forums.

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