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  1. not really lurking considering the fact that i just posted now is it? it's a good laugh to come here every now and then to see what the latest stupid developments are or to read the retarded petty arguments that break out every now and then (like the sith post lmao)
  2. this post is so dumb it actually hurts... hurr durr guess stupid facts about myself and give ME attention for a bit and I will give you guys credits!! "Questions are partly personal" yet the man has every single question being something like how much x do I have or what x am I? imagine attention seeking on the forums of a gmod server smh.
  3. Bye Greyback , see ya round
  4. Join MT please :)

  5. Yuck, who are you again?
  6. Why does Shepard stink so much?

    1. Storm


      ;-; cuz I own him

    2. Shepard


      I'll kiss you anderson, don't make me bro

  7. Caboose, I have nothing but good memories of you. I genuinely have nothing negative to say here, you have shown yourself to be not only a good member of a community but a good person in general. In saying all this I was never around for all the drama between IG and EG, I have heard some things but even still it is so long ago at this point and I see no reason that it should hold you back today. As such this is a very easy +1 from me.
  8. I'd honestly kinda like to see CFP back on the server, it has a lot of potential to add some additional life to the community.
  9. Can we expect some wholesome screenshot dumps again? Good to see you back mate.
  10. Wow dude I am so hurt that you could say such a thing! But nah seriously the server is in a pretty steady state rn, you could always come join Shock or Riot...
  11. Apply to be an EM today!

  12. Cammers stinks

  13. the person above me stinks really bad

    1. livebait7
    2. Hamish


      your profile picture makes me wanna die

  14. You should give this one a go then, it's pretty easy to install and all that. It's got some good lads in it who will be more than happy to help you out.
  15. Anderson


    The prophesy has come true, he has returned.
  16. What if I make a spooky catgirl?
  17. I'd just like to post a reminder to keep this thread on topic, don't use it to argue. If you wish to argue with someone please take it to private messages if you must. Now onto my take. As somebody with a decent amount of experience in both being an EC and an EM the current state of 'combat healing' is quite bad, most medics are guilty of this. If there is currently no rule against it there needs to be one. I do not see how it is rp friendly at all to be healing and reviving people in the open like what we currently see. From my perspective a medic should only be healing people while beh
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