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  1. 1 hour ago, Clover said:

    Can you explain the issue in more detail please? like what did he say no to?


    Cain put in an admin ticket and pickle took the ticket. We were all at the holo table and he tp'd to the other side of the table to take the ticket then told cain that it wasn't a mod issue and pretty much told us he was wrong for making the ticket and then closed the ticket. We brought it too gusky who told us he would talk to him and it was wrong of him to take the  ticket when he was involved in the situation

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  2. Before i start this I want to state i have nothing against Pickle or anyone involved.

    @Cain and I were dealing with an in character issue that turned into an OOC staff sit. When cain called for the admin sit @Pickle took the sit although he was involved within the situation in character. He didnt listen to @Cain point of view at all. He simple told us No then left. Me and cain then went to gusky after this situation where he told us he would talk to pickle.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Kristofer said:

    We wouldn't have any reason to rotate onto an Imperial Venator. They're usually stationed on backwater worlds ever since being replaced by the superior Imperial Star Destroyer.

    They were stilled used in fleets. Its not really specified what timeline we are in but we didnt magically move straight to all star destroyer fleets. And realistically thrawn liked to use all the resources he could why couldnt we say he had a single venator in his fleet as his fighter carriers

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      Map Development:
      - Hammer
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      - I know very basic GLUA. (Wouldnt be able to code much)
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      I would like to Map Develop for IG. This would entail making Base maps, Event Maps and Edits of already existing maps.
      I have a lot of experience in the Hammer Editor and I have helped troubleshoot map issues with IG Map Devs in the past. I have can also model, but i dislike modeling for gmod.
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      I have my workshop page. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/myworkshopfiles/
      I have a lot of unfinished maps that I either didn't want to finish or saw no need to finish which could be utilized for IG. These maps range from Tattoine - Scarif - Light Carrier ECT




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    Sorry, My application is short but I feel as if I have answered what the question asked to an acceptable degree.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Kristofer said:

    That map is way too big for rotation tbh. We only get roughly around 8 civs and there is no way that 8 can properly provide civ RP on a map that size. 

    Can always have 8 Civs and maybe some event characters. Theres a mando base so that opens alot of door for RP like maybe a rebel cell or thugs. But it would also be a sick event map!

  5. Hello everyone,

    A huge new map came out by 122Jimbo who also made Anaxes! It is a Coruscant Underworld map! It has multiple features in it, and can be used as a short term rotation map and event map! I could go on and on about all of the features in the map but I would be here for hours aha. It's all listed in the description. I personal think this would be a great map to add to the rotation since civs can take control of 2 different enter-able ships and there is over 50 rooms.



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  6. On 5/18/2020 at 11:14 PM, Kristofer said:

    Whether or not it's used as an Event map or a Rotation map is difficult to decide.
    It's not something we can really use as a rotation map to a couple of factors:

    1.  A Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier is a very small ship. There will be very little room for the entire server to freely roam. However, that could be an advantage as having less space could potentially concentrate roleplay.
    2. A Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier is, as the name suggests, a carrier. Not a troop carrier, however, but a fighter carrier. Its primary use it to stay behind a fleet and deploy TIE fighters. That would result in events to be quite boring and unrealistic. The Quasar Cruiser would need an ISD escort 24/7 and will get easily decimated if attacked by a squadron of X-Wings. 

    The map could, however, potentially become an event map. The army could perhaps board a hostile Quasar Cruiser that the Rebel Alliance hijacked and attempt to take it back. Overall, ship maps would be a really great addition to our map roster. Unfortunately, however I'm struck with a few more potential issues such as:

    1. The size, it could be a bit disruptive if the scale of the map is too small. This could also be a good thing, though as stated above. It could concentrate more RP. 
    2. There's only one known Quasar Cruiser that was taken by the rebels, and that is the cruiser captured by Commander Jun Sato's Phoenix Cell. 

    The map looks sick so far. I can't really tell from the screenshots, but I assume that those are four separate hangars? Are you planning to add entrances to all hangars? While you're at that, might as well add TIE fighter railings to them as well! 
    The Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier is around 340 Meters in length, double the length of a CR90 corvette, or only 1/5th of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Keep that in mine while layouting.

    An idea that might improve the versatility of the map would be to add a ground area. Something like Ilum. 

    Good job so far. Interesting how it'll go. 

    I have come to a decision aha. I will be making an imperial ship "Base map" but then i will also make a rebel event version that will have the orange rebel markings as shown in rebels. Best of both worlds :)

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