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    Cain put in an admin ticket and pickle took the ticket. We were all at the holo table and he tp'd to the other side of the table to take the ticket then told cain that it wasn't a mod issue and pretty much told us he was wrong for making the ticket and then closed the ticket. We brought it too gusky who told us he would talk to him and it was wrong of him to take the ticket when he was involved in the situation
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    Before i start this I want to state i have nothing against Pickle or anyone involved. @Cain and I were dealing with an in character issue that turned into an OOC staff sit. When cain called for the admin sit @Pickle took the sit although he was involved within the situation in character. He didnt listen to @Cain point of view at all. He simple told us No then left. Me and cain then went to gusky after this situation where he told us he would talk to pickle.
  3. They were stilled used in fleets. Its not really specified what timeline we are in but we didnt magically move straight to all star destroyer fleets. And realistically thrawn liked to use all the resources he could why couldnt we say he had a single venator in his fleet as his fighter carriers
  4. Make an Imperial Venator. Would be nice to have another ship we can rotate onto.
  5. I have a PHAT tattoine i never finished lying around.
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    HOI4 moments

    Is it a public HOI4 discord?
  7. Tie Defender Yellowish grass You know what this means!'
  8. Thought I would post some updates of the map. Feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Can always have 8 Civs and maybe some event characters. Theres a mando base so that opens alot of door for RP like maybe a rebel cell or thugs. But it would also be a sick event map!
  10. Hello everyone, A huge new map came out by 122Jimbo who also made Anaxes! It is a Coruscant Underworld map! It has multiple features in it, and can be used as a short term rotation map and event map! I could go on and on about all of the features in the map but I would be here for hours aha. It's all listed in the description. I personal think this would be a great map to add to the rotation since civs can take control of 2 different enter-able ships and there is over 50 rooms. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2114506770
  11. Here is a wip Image of the hangar it is very bland right now since i need to add more detail the roof and add proper catwalks with ship holders
  12. It is actually very large. I have alot of room to fit everything that is needed for an imp server with alot of room left over.
  13. I have come to a decision aha. I will be making an imperial ship "Base map" but then i will also make a rebel event version that will have the orange rebel markings as shown in rebels. Best of both worlds
  14. This sounds like a lovely idea bailey! Aha
  15. I never played GG? After talking to Mongo in DM's i have claimed that i have never/rarely played on GG since it was a server that died when i started playing star wars rp.
  16. Yes i was a minge back in the day but i never did anything to GG or RG. I am a Developer on GG so idk if that holds any weight in this community but if it does at least it will show you that i have matured enough to be accepted as a dev for GG. This happened over 1.5 years ago now and i can not say how sorry i am for what i did but i only know of 1 discord were i posted it and it was in my own discord which the bounty hunters of IG were using at the time and i posted it under an NSFW Channel. It was a horrible video and i should never of posted it. But i never posted it in an IG disco
  17. Cecil Approved me to post this ban app. Steam Details Steam Name: Frosty Other Names: RogueHeist Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103142230 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166550188/ In Game Details In Game Name: N/A In Game Rank: N/A In Game Regiment: N/A Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Management What date did the ban occur: 27-01-2020 What was the reason for the ban: Me and 6 others raided two IG discord and mass tagged multiple community m
  18. I could make it into a prop. But only have the hangars as the interior.
  19. I know how to optimize AHA Rendering the whole map wont be a thing
  20. The ship is small compared to the star destroyer but has alot of empty room inside of it where i could comfortably fit 2 floors maybe 3. I would have enough room to give navy alot to do as well as the army. I was thinking a lot about this before I started to work on it and my idea to combat this issue is to add more then 1 hyperspace button like on the ISD and 1 of the buttons will have a fleet of ISD's and Light Carriers put into the 3d skybox to give it the feel that it is apart of a bigger fleet. Yes the 4 hangars are all separated. I will be adding railings to
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