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  1. Get a bucket and a mop

  2. Frosty__


    Cain put in an admin ticket and pickle took the ticket. We were all at the holo table and he tp'd to the other side of the table to take the ticket then told cain that it wasn't a mod issue and pretty much told us he was wrong for making the ticket and then closed the ticket. We brought it too gusky who told us he would talk to him and it was wrong of him to take the ticket when he was involved in the situation
  3. Frosty__


    Before i start this I want to state i have nothing against Pickle or anyone involved. @Cain and I were dealing with an in character issue that turned into an OOC staff sit. When cain called for the admin sit @Pickle took the sit although he was involved within the situation in character. He didnt listen to @Cain point of view at all. He simple told us No then left. Me and cain then went to gusky after this situation where he told us he would talk to pickle.
  4. They were stilled used in fleets. Its not really specified what timeline we are in but we didnt magically move straight to all star destroyer fleets. And realistically thrawn liked to use all the resources he could why couldnt we say he had a single venator in his fleet as his fighter carriers
  5. Make an Imperial Venator. Would be nice to have another ship we can rotate onto.
  6. I have a PHAT tattoine i never finished lying around.
  7. Frosty__

    HOI4 moments

    Is it a public HOI4 discord?
  8. Tie Defender Yellowish grass You know what this means!'
  9. Thought I would post some updates of the map. Feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Can always have 8 Civs and maybe some event characters. Theres a mando base so that opens alot of door for RP like maybe a rebel cell or thugs. But it would also be a sick event map!
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