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  1. where do you work? Also looks really nice. ShOuLd ApPlY FoR mEdIa TeAm
  2. Thank you for the feed back. I am currently in the makes of a new event EP. It will take my about another day or so to make and once it is done i will be updating my app with your feed back. Thanks sully.
  3. Okay, That makes more sense. Would you like me to add more Events to my App?
  4. Why would it matter if i reused an event? They were good events that have a good storyline you can follow it shouldn't matter when i made.
  5. What event did i copy? I made both of them, except for the Storyline one which a member of a different server named haz helped me write. The permaban was a long time ago and i have matured from that point. I have properly moved to IG and i want to help the community. I came on to minge a long time ago and i have matured since then. I take RP seriously on the imperial server and i also want to help within this community as much as i can.
  6. Steam Name: [IG] Frosty BoNuS pOiNtS SteamID32: 206284460 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166550188 In Game Name: 'Frosty' Time Played Imperial RP: 1 Week 6Day 19 Hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Time Played Clone Wars RP: I dont Play on Clone Wars Time Played Clone Wars RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? Yes, I have 4 warns 3 of them were from a while ago when i came onto minge with a couple of friends well i played on a different server at that time. 1) Racism (Screaming racial slurs) My friend yelled AL-Ak-bAR and we all had the same name so we were all warned for it. Monday 22 January 2018 2) Attempted Mass RDM. Monday 22 January 2018 3) Pressing the hyperspace button. Monday 22 January 2018 4) Dc to Avoid arrest - I had to go to work so there wasn't much i could do about this one - This was on Fri April 19th 2019. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I had a Perma Ban about 2 years ago. I can't remember what it was for Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? I was an admin on Mystic DarkRP servers until it shut down. It was a small community of about 20-30 players. I have been an EM on Raptor Gaming Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I want to show my dedication to this server and I want to make events that the community can enjoy and make the player want to come back for more, I want to help regiments with RP and give them more for them to feed off to make a more Engaging RP experience. I think i have a good understanding of what makes a "good" and "bad" event for the Imperial Community. I Believe i am a well-matured player within the community What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? I Have an imaginative mind and i am very into star wars lore so i think I could make some very unique events that would be interesting and immersive for the community well also being able to link all my events in some sort of timeline. I am also a fun guy to be around i think i would be a good fit for the EM team because i am a Fast Learner and i could bring some new interesting Event Ideas to the table. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? If i became an EM i would link my Events in a way that is easy to follow but has a deeper story driving Path to them. if a soldier found a data pad or someone sliced into a terminal they would find information that would then be handed onto IHC and then in RP they would go to the planet in question and they would try to snuff out the enemy forces. I believe with a more structured style of events that lead from one to another it would help the RP of regiments and the RP on the servers in general. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? No. Thank you for reading my application. Have a wonderful Day Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D0y5rS0M26-r2929dhvFtEqx1Sxbx7Sne3bpDY4z6Iw/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I7DzEZo1Abxs0lanT36jg22j1Ug52DGm1mjZrjVuT68/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
  7. Maybe Make it like a regiment Where one person buys the Leader IG but have the prices upped. Then they would hold tryouts of some sort and then the BH become of a more organised thing But i don't think the whole more IG-88s is a good idea for 1 He gets a venom gun which makes him a good character and if there are 4-5 others running around with it well it would cause panic 1 shot does 250 damage over time and if shot by different people there health would be gone in a matter of seconds
  8. If you would like to join the Empire At War discord https://discord.gg/KTX3rg
  9. Well it is on sale now and i am sure multiple players would love to teach you
  10. Just create a discord for it like the discord IG has for BF2
  11. I might of passed over some topics but if you have any questions feel free to ask
  12. Some of you may know of the game Empire At War (Eaw) It is a strategy game that is based on the imperial era. There also mods that can change the whole way the game is played. Currently because of the may the 4th sales on steam the games has come down from 29 aud to 10 aud Now is the time to buy if you are interested. From what i know is that there is about 10-16 players that play EaW. It is a fun game that has endless hours of content stored in it because of the mods that have been made for this game Game Play There are multiple modes in the game -Galactic Conquest (GC) In GC you can play 1 side of the Galaxy and which Team you choose depends on what mods you play with. In GC if you play as the Empire you will start off with the core worlds in most mods, This means you want to move outwards. In GC you will have to make a fleet of ships with you can build on planets. In the base game if you wanted to build an Imperial Star Destroyer you would have to build them on either Sullust, Corellia and Kuat. You can also Play multiplayer with your friends. You would have to take each other planets. So the strategy could be throw out of the window and you can just throw your ships at each other and its some great fun, But also using strategy to defeat each other gives you a sense of pride because you beat and you have bragging rights - Only Space Battles In space battles you you have a space station which you have to protect but there are also mining stations that you need to take over to earn money faster Per second and then you will need to upgrade your tech level to get better class ships. The goal is to destroy the enemy space station. - Only Land Battles Land Battles are very similar to only space battles but it is on the ground and you can build better class troops and ground units Mods Republic at War Thrawns Revenge Star War battle commander Rise of the rebellion Content eckhartsladde streams (Modded EaW) and uploads videos of EaW about ever 2 days or every 1 week (Depends on how fast his editor is) on his second channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZgb1Z-TB24berQsHvbQJA I am sure if you bought the game multiple members of the community would love to play with you.
  13. Thank you solar for the +1
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