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  1. Steam Details Steam Name: Blazebeard Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64764402 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bloozbord/ In Game Details In Game Name: CT-3003 "Doc" In Game Rank: Trooper In Game Regiment: Clone Troopers Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 14h 02m 19s Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 01h 48m 31s If new to Imperial Gaming where are you coming from & why? I come from Republic Gaming, which suddenly shut down a night before the release of Project: R. I currently have a lot of spare time and no where to use it, and have come to IG to continue my time in Star Wars RP and hopefully help one of it's regiments develop during it's opening. Basic Questions 1. Do you understand there is no guarantee of this application being successful? Of course! If it were that easy to get a Commander's role then they would have all been filled by now. 2. Do you understand you will be subject to further testing beyond this application before even being considered for a role? I expect it fully. I am new to IG and understand that I'd need to prove myself before achieving a high rank. 3. Do you understand if you currently hold a CO role on Imperial RP and are successful you will be forfeiting that role? Yes. (I don't hold one anyway but I see why this rule is in place) 4. Do you understand that a high level of professionalism is expected from individuals applying? I understand fully. After all, if people weren't professional with these applications how can we trust that they would take the role seriously? 5. Why do you want to be a Commander on Clone Wars RP? I've always loved the role of Commander. Not only do I get to have fun leading my regiment in battle and organizing things to do as a group, it also helps other people enjoy the server as they grow attached to the regiment if things go right. I've always had positive feedback when I command and hope to bring the same experience to IG. 6. What experience do you have? I've had experience in multiple leadership roles, but the ones I'm most known for on other communities are: - (EG) Medical Trooper Lieutenant CT-2927 'Blaze' - (EG) Shock Senior Commander S-031 'Aranov' - (EG) Major General Ironside - (RG) Regimental Commander CC-1010 'Fox' 7. What sort of role and regiment do you wish to lead? (e.g. CO, 2IC, ARC, etc.)? Although most of my experience is in Security regiments, I'd like to take a role such as the Commanding Officer of the 21st Nova Corps (which is my main goal). I think I'm able to handle the size of the Corps, along with managing it's sub-units, and keep their reputation of one of the most relentless and disciplined regiments as accurate in-game as it's lore counterpart. I believe the 21st Nova Corps' unique training sessions would be a lot of fun to organize and run, which would give a lot of people something unique to do and encourage them to keep training to keep the Corps' high reputation intact. However, if this seems too far-fetched I'd at least like to lead it's medical team as I immensely enjoy medical RP and would like a place to help people improve on their skills in the medbay no matter what regiment they are a part of. 8. Why do you want to join us on Clone Wars RP? I've been in love with Star Wars RP for a while, and would like to introduce myself to the IG Community. I want to continue fighting in one of my favorite series of all time in the era that I love due to it's epic battles, lore and lovable characters that have been established in both the cartoon series and other forms of media. I've heard great things about the Imperial server and hope to watch the Clone Wars server grow along with my fellow troopers. 9. If new to Imperial Gaming, why do you believe you should be given this opportunity & what can you bring to the table from outside experience? I have a large amount of experience from other servers and would like to prove to the IG community that I am capable of a leadership role. Although I've never been much in terms of creativity, I've always stayed loyal to my leaders and ensured that my regiments met the goals that were set at their foundation. I've been able to command ~15 active troopers at a time and ensure that roles such as the Sergeants and Lieutenants beneath me were able to help micromanage the troopers whilst I gave the overall orders. I've been able to organize numerous groups during a mission with separate roles which would complete certain objectives whilst I kept an oversight whilst issuing new orders. I think the role of leadership is where I strive most, and hope that I can be given the opportunity to lead again. 10. Do you understand and accept that you will be heavily scrutinized by Management and the Community during this application process? I already expect to receive a few weird looks for posting a Potential Commander's application with such bare-bones hours, so of course people should look into how I play and whether they believe I am capable of a Commanding role in IG.
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