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  1. Good idea but it is pretty impractical TBH
  2. How does that stop me from posting????? I am posting from my phone at this very moment
  3. I am going to be very upset @addamcorif CIC don’t win as they tried extremely hard.....
  4. Nice work on this one @Boris, any plans on expanding it later on?
  5. It’s been fun having you around, and you did a nice set of quality events. Hope you come back soon
  6. Congrats on the promotion, if only you could get one ingame when you get back
  7. 2 years from when I joined? If so that will be in a few months No u
  8. When you read the entire post with your eyes literally pressed against the screen, refresh to see the new comments and the text is normal size again pranked. Nah, good job and I am looking forward to all of the new upcoming changes
  9. Follow the PAC3 application requirements, practice PAC3 in single player and make decent creations and use the various online resources to help you out (also look at previously accepted applications).
  10. pinejack

    Missing objects

    It may also help to try manually uninstall the map completely from your GMOD, then reinstall it.
  11. Another thing that causes this, at least for me, is my graphics card. It can be fixed by setting your model detail to high
  12. It's that time again, I don't know which keys work anymore and which won't, but have fun if you get any of them 9IE8X-NLA44-GECQG 7P693-NFTIQ-DP6RM 4BNFK-JMNYQ-QIJNP 8AJJP-JBF7K-PZTMZ 5HPLF-WLGKF-8AHDG 3J989-NJPJG-XVCP
  13. Ingame Name: Warrant Officer II 09 ● 'Niner' Current Server Time: 02w 00d 12h 00m | About 17 years since the server launched. What have you done to help the server?: I provide the most excellent service on these forums. I am also apparently a PAC3 wizard. Why do you want it?: I would like some new games that I could play in between playing on the server, and a some more games that will make a fine addition to my collection.
  14. Have fun We will be waiting for your return.
  15. See you in 7 years time
  16. Are those floating props? You must be one of those "false wizards" that used to run around with the clones a few decades ago.
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