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  1. @Lossk Just message the person who blacklisted you (commander of the reg at the time you were kicked / Vader at the time) and ask them.
  2. When an E-11 has a potential magazine damage of 2500, I see nothing wrong with this addition.
  3. -1 called Tinky an Australian, despite obviously being an Arab Wog (his words) and then ran away every time anyone mentioned that @Ash hates Australians.
  4. Won’t we just have another application when Kosmos ultimately disappears a few weeks after coming back????
  5. pinejack

    Wire Mod

    -1 not needed and can easily be abused. If you want to use WireMod, go play on a DarkRP server.
  6. Honestly, this thread has become an argument/debate between like 3 people and it is ruining the overall suggestion, not to mention makes all involved look like little children.
  7. -1 The WESTAR is literally IDENTICAL to the DC-17m in terms of damage and accuracy. The SE-14C is an amazing gun.
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