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    pinejack dies

    Oh well, that didn't happen.
  2. Version 20.1.8


    Just a bit of nostalgia for those who want a good read
  3. Thank you
  4. Smello There

    1. pinejack


      Why you downvoting a status update Anthony???

    2. Anthony
  5. pinejack

    PAC3 Camera

    I can understand this, but it should be pretty obvious to staff if you have had the PAC3 camera glitch out, because, as you said, it moves extremely fast. The way you fix it is by selecting an object in PAC3 and clicking the "reset camera" or "reset view" (forget which), and the camera will teleport back to the player. If staff see a massive line because your camera has broken, as a PAC3 user, you should be able to correct it within 5 seconds. If it is there for a longer period of time, then staff may begin to suspect you are abusing the PAC3 camera.
  6. pinejack

    PAC3 Camera

    I doubt a single white line going from the player up through the roof to an unused area of the map is going to ruin too much immersion. The reason the camera "glitches out" is because you aren't using PAC3 correctly and trying to move around the camera when you have selected a model that has been deleted already, meaning the camera goes from the speed based on the scale of your player, to a speed based on the scale of the map.
  7. Did you even read the other posts on this thread? Rishi is currently a giant steaming pile of shit and ruins FPS, even if it is a nice map.
  8. FFS - you really want that necroposting ban don’t you?
  9. You’d have to talk to management about this as it would be another custom donation option, and I personally believe we have enough of them (both droids and bounty hunters). You’d also have to find a GOOD model for it that matches the servers theme. You’d also have to remember, given it would be a donation job, that you can lose said job if you abuse it or misbehave.
  10. The last reply was two weeks ago, that ain't a necropost..... @Twinkie read the rules my dude.
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