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  1. It's already on the server and is being saved for a specific event that Gusky would like to run.
  2. Have you tried to connect directly via console? (connect "ip")
  3. +1 This ship looks pretty nice and could easily be changed to an Imperial mode by changing its colour. It makes sense that the Empire would still use these ships as they were quite popular during the Clone Wars.
  4. These actually look pretty nice, shame imgur is blocked at school............
  5. -1 Shrek is 100,000,000x better
  6. -1 "He doesn't like, I don't like you either" *insert Cantina meme here*
  7. -1 Does not love me anymore.
  8. Hello there *insert Obi-Wan meme here*
  9. -1 has recently acquired a life and needs to be permanently banned from all gaming servers.
  10. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Imperial Gaming. I too love to write in giant text!
  11. +1 this is very shitty. OT: I've seen you around a little bit and you seem pretty chill.
  12. "Kallus is a human male Agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, operating number: ISB-021, who attempted to defeat the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire in the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. He is a firm believer in bringing order to the galaxy and suppressed dissent on numerous worlds, including Onderon, where he fought insurgents under the command of Saw Gerrera, and during the cleansing of the planet Lasan that led to the near-extinction of its native species. Kallus was later assigned to the Outer Rim world of Lothal, where he pursued the rebel crew of the Ghost as they fomen
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