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  1. I, the Holy Lord Father of Shitposting hereby condemn @Snow to permanent exile from the shitposter clan for his actions on this day.
  2. Good idea @Basil but as I have been a part of the past 3 D&D things we've had on Imperial Gaming (all of them), they just don't end up working. If you only run it once a month, you'll get people to turn up once and never do it again, as well as spend the first hour of each month trying to remember what happened last time you played. I would recommend doing it each week to keep the story going (and means you can finish a Campaign in 2-3 months instead of 12), but the issue with this is that people aren't always free every single week. In theory, this is a great idea but in practice, we have
  3. In my opinion, melee is almost completely useless unless you have a lightsaber. If you start getting shot, you get knocked back so you are no longer able to hit them. Another thing is that these are CLONE TROOPER models and a clone trooper regiment and Imperial Gaming ain't a CloneWarsRP server.
  4. To be honest, you didn't need to make a farewell post only to come back a week later and create an "I'm Back!" post. I know a large majority of players don't say they are leaving the community everytime they take a day off.......
  5. Nah, according to that pesky HK-51 bounty hunters can’t harm other bounty hunters
  6. I've been playing Garry's Mod on pretty much minimum/medium graphics for everything and I've gotten used to it, but since I got a new computer I've been able to play on the same 100+FPS with maximum everything and to be honest it is almost too good with all the extra shadows, lighting, quality, etc. Just play with it until you are happy with it, and as @Bailey has said, maximum graphics do make for some amazing videos and screenshots. Just tweak with the settings until it stops tearing, and if not, just change back to what it used to be until a solution can be found.
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