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  1. As someone who has played on pretty much every single ImperialGaming server since the community launched, I can say that although all of the servers were great and were fully populated at launch, it absolutely killed the ImperialRP server for a few weeks. The main issue is that although the ImperialRP server (and Imperial Gaming as a whole) is quite large, the number of active players is not. On top of this, Garry’s Mod is a VERY old game that just isn’t getting the number of new users joining it as it once had. I think sticking to (and improving) ImperialRP would be the right course of action to take to ensure the community remains where it is in regards to size and activity.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Heinrich said:


    When reading this app, it's easily seen that some more consideration needs to be put into the grammar of each answer. For example, in the response to the Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? question, you begin the answer with "My reasoning for applying for the trial moderator role on the imperial gaming server". You don't need to mention the server you are applying for, it makes it seem like you are unneccesarily extending your answer. the answer to the previously mentioned question can be summed up to The reason I am applying for "Trial Moderator is due to my enjoyment on the server. I have spent a month's worth of time on the server and I am willing to complete any tasks given my way. By joining the staff team, I will be able to improve the quality of the server."

    Furthermore, In your "What do you beleiveyou can bring to the staff team?" response, you say "can I provide useful knowledge - no, can I provide " beneficial " experience to the staff team of imperial gaming or the community? - no". I somewhat understand what you are trying to say with the first part, you don't have any previous staff knowledge and you would like to learn from the IG staff team. This could have been worded differently because what I am getting from this is that you are unable to try teach any other staff in the future or be able to correctly handle a situation. Although I don't like how you worded the first part of this, the second part is detrimental to your answer.being able to provide a beneficial and enjoyable expereince to the server is the whole point of being a staff, why would you say that you can't provide it. I seems that you are unwilling to help people and unwilling to support your fellow staff memebers. I don't think there are any other ways to put it but this simply should have not been put into your app. If you don't want to provide a beneficial experience to the server and staff, why do you want to be staff then? The only reason I can think of is the perks and power you gain on the server.

    In Addition, you seem the emphasise alot on your playtime. Although you have spent quite a large amount of time on the server, I don't beleive it is an accurate representation of your self, seeming you already have 2 warns. It's difficult to say if you have improved from these errors, especially as they seem to be very major problems and ones that cannot simply be a mistake. From what I've seen on the server, you deon't reflect the mindset of a staff member. Though I have seen little of you ingame, I find it difficult to say that your presence ingame is worthy of that of a staff member.

    Overall, you need to be more concise with your answers as it makes it easier to navigate your answers and derive to meaning of each sentence. some of the content in your answers make you seem like you are unwilling to support people on the server and have an actual desire to be a moderator. Your warns are very severe and even new players should not be making these mistakes. The app seems rushed and like no effort was put into making proper responses to each question. From what you've presented in this app, I personally don't beleive you are fit to be a member of the staff team.

    -1 I also do not believe you have the maturity levels required to be a moderator on the server.

  3. Just so you know, if they were to edit any of the quests, I believe it would result in another questline reset. 

    I think changing the EC Kills to EC Damage would be better since you can't always get the final killed shot off on them.

  4. -1 Unfortunately you are still under the minimum required time to apply for PAC3. On top of this, your PAC3 examples are really......really basic. All of them consist of adding/removing/swapping a single bone or prop (ie swapping Vader's Head for Darth Malaks, adding a circle around a Massiff as a "collar", colouring a single armour piece and adding headphones to a jawa). If you are serious about getting PAC3, I'd recommend practising, following some tutorials and really upping your ability.

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  5. -1

    It doesn’t seem like you’re actually taking the application seriously by what you’ve said in said application. Although your PAC3s show you know how to use PAC3, basically none of them would be appropriate for roleplay on the server and most of them would be borderline considered minging.

  6. Tonight the boys decided to try and recreate this "famous" scene from our favourite Star Wars game......Enjoy






    @pinejack  Cal Kestis / Actor - Camera

    @Kristofer  Corporal L9-7240 / Actor - Builder

    @Daxx  Private H1-6972 / Actor

    @Luigi  Captain L8-8345 / Actor

    @Arkan  AT-AT Pilot Markus (left) / Actor

    @Misahu  AT-AT Pilot Jeffery (right) / Actor

    @Legion BD-01 / Actor

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  7. 9 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Neutral leaning towards -1

    PACs seem extremely basic and questionable. I personally thing they look a bit silly especially the nova trooper.

    I have no clue who you are and have never interacted with you. 

    I would advise getting more well known in the community and reworking the PACs themselves. 

    You also have 2 warns within not even 2 weeks playtime; this really questions the thought of trusting you with such a program


    28 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    I have to agree with Mongo here, you also seem to quite easily get into arguments and confrontations with younger members of the community.

    These two sum it up for me. Going to have to go with a -1

  8. 45 minutes ago, Lars said:

    Replace the quest line of 'Kill x Event Characters' with 'Spend x time as an Event Character', do I need to go into detail why this would be so much better for the community?

    If they were to change the quest, they'd have to do another quest reset which would piss off even more people. I think they'll keep this in mind for the next quest restart whenever that is (probably a couple of months).

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