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  1. As someone who has played on pretty much every single ImperialGaming server since the community launched, I can say that although all of the servers were great and were fully populated at launch, it absolutely killed the ImperialRP server for a few weeks. The main issue is that although the ImperialRP server (and Imperial Gaming as a whole) is quite large, the number of active players is not. On top of this, Garry’s Mod is a VERY old game that just isn’t getting the number of new users joining it as it once had. I think sticking to (and improving) ImperialRP would be the right course of action
  2. Just so you know, if they were to edit any of the quests, I believe it would result in another questline reset. I think changing the EC Kills to EC Damage would be better since you can't always get the final killed shot off on them.
  3. Trailer looks great. Can't wait until the actual gameplay footage comes out in about a week or two. They pre-order stuff looks pretty cash money as well:
  4. I mean half the games that get given away for free I already have....but it's a free game so why not
  5. It's like a nicer, bigger Nar Shaddaa map.
  6. It is still $89.95 on the Epic Store, just their friendly way of saying "Fuck you" to steam by giving it away for free.
  7. Hey guys, it's that time again. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/bundles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection Free for the next week if you want to sell them your soul.
  8. I would say it is much too small for a rotation, but perhaps the odd event here and there.
  9. I'd be keen to be a part of this, send you a discord friend request.
  10. Tonight the boys decided to try and recreate this "famous" scene from our favourite Star Wars game......Enjoy Credits @pinejack Cal Kestis / Actor - Camera @Kristofer Corporal L9-7240 / Actor - Builder @Daxx Private H1-6972 / Actor @Luigi Captain L8-8345 / Actor @Arkan AT-AT Pilot Markus (left) / Actor @Misahu AT-AT Pilot Jeffery (right) / Actor @Legion BD-01 / Actor
  11. If they were to change the quest, they'd have to do another quest reset which would piss off even more people. I think they'll keep this in mind for the next quest restart whenever that is (probably a couple of months).
  12. You get more than enough credits in your salary (even at the lowest ranks) to pay for your food and ammo. You can always ask a kinda heavy if they could shout you an ammo crate.
  13. God. I remember when this was filmed. I was one of the rebels it memory serves me correct.
  14. @Bailey you've said it can be a word or phrase from the Star Wars universe (canon or legends), but does that include names (be that planets, people, places, etc.)?
  15. Just a few pics from the event. Great job to all of the staff and players involved in it, it was fun (despite the 14FPS xD)
  16. I think you forgot to put this addon on the change logs https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888460770
  17. Doesn't even respond to @Mauler or me.........so damn rude.................big sad moment
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