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  1. Sounds good mate, as long as I am in the draw to win it
  2. I didn't realise you had to apply to even join giveaway these days *thinking*. Also didn't know people sent rude/threatening messages after losing a giveaway. I personally have done 8 giveaways on Imperial Gaming totalling upwards of $5,000 in prizes and haven't had a single one, so sorry @Flame if you have gotten any for your past giveaways. Good luck to everyone else who enters
  3. Can I get a hell yeah for all those who remember when we used to have the prone mod on the server and after a day half the server started t-posing because it’s broken AF with the custom game mode.
  4. I completely agree with you on the constant RP situations that get taken to OOC. 85% of the time you shot or arrest/mug someone, it ends up being a staff sit or some form of OOC discussion/argument which really takes away from the RP flow on the server. I think this is mainly due to the complexity, and lack of rules on the server as they are extremely concrete and if what happened didn’t fall under one of the examples of the rule, it wasn’t covered by that rule when it makes sense that is should.
  5. RIP hope to see you back when everything is finished.
  6. Martial law doesn’t work when this is an issue as activating it makes all cops KOS for those who want to do it. We had to call martial law 5 times yesterday and it made the situation worse 4/5 we did as we didn’t have the numbers to enforce it
  7. Cheers for making this. I was going to make a video tutorial on how to do it a few days ago but I crashed after setting everything up. Lo and behold I go to do it again today and I crash again after setting everything up.
  8. Ayyy I was there for that sick party. I also remember the whole ship going kaleidoscope colours because someone set the lamp distance too far when they placed it........
  9. If I was in a room with Fox, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump and had two bullets, I'd shoot Fox twice for this click bait. Have fun mate.
  10. -1 Stole my traffic cone and hid it in his trunk. +2 Seems like a responsible and respectful player who would make a good staff member.
  11. In my opinion there is not a huge difference in the FPS/performance of the current map Vs. a few of the other leading maps. It is quite optimised and to get better FPS you might need to look into changing your graphic settings
  12. Congratulations to the winners below. Please contact me via the forums within the next 24 hours otherwise your prize category will be reallocated to another entrant. 1st Prize - @Kumo 2nd Prize - @Vanilla 3rd Prize - @Born 4th Prize - @Boris 5th Prize - @Demonic https://imgur.com/a/XtUIfOY
  14. 1st Prize - ~$250 of Steam Games 2nd Prize - ~$175 of Steam Games (1 Microsoft Store Game as well) 3rd Prize - ~$100 of Steam Games 4th Prize - ~$75 of Steam Games 5th Prize - ~$50 of Steam Games
  15. G'day everyone. To celebrate the grand opening of the Imperial Gaming Santos RP server tonight, I will be doing another one of my steam key giveaways. This time I have upwards of $700AU worth of games to give to you. If you wish to enter this giveaway, simply comment anything at all to this thread and I will be picking 5 winners at 7:00pm AEST tonight. Good luck
  16. Just logged in on my mobile steam and got it. Cheers for the heads up @Bailey. Only cost me $5.90. Also since when was this an option on steam mobile???
  17. Can someone please explain to me how it can be both $152.35 discounted by 94% and $339.46 at 97% off......
  18. pinejack


    Banned myself numerous times so I would get off the server and go to bed at 3:00am
  19. pinejack

    Their True Identity

    I wish I didn't see that.
  20. pinejack

    My Skateboard.

    Hot damn, that looks very nice
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