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  1. I agree, obviously a very mean person......
  2. pinejack

    Project Palpatine

    As long as palpatine doesn’t have his weird robe wings (you all know what I am talking about)
  3. I was told that any of the items that are 10,000,000 credits are not meant to be purchased and were removed for one reason or the other. In saying this, that means that the donator store only has a couple of unique guns that still cost upwards of 250,000 for an E-11 with a different tracer.
  4. If I am being honest, in this situation it is probably best to just drop the application for now and reapply when you have a working computer again (depending on how long it will take to get a new one).
  5. -1 I am not too sure who you are as I haven't seen you around too much. The application is also VERY lacklustre and simple (very short answers). I would recommend looking at other accepted applications and seeing how they answered their questions (don't copy their answers though).
  6. Wait a minute, I don't remember this scene from the movies.....
  7. pinejack


    Ah well boys, even if the Clone Wars server doesn't come back, y'all can look forward to November 22nd when Clone Wars Season 7 is released.
  8. @PetiteBob In regards to the game-tracker part of your last response, that is very much out of date and isn't tracking properly. I have at minimum 3 days ingame and I know some other members of the community are near a week ingame time.
  9. -1 no clue who you are in Imperal Gaming (obviously know you from other communities but that is all you’ve got going for you). You also have very little playtime on the server and by holding staff ranks on other servers I think that could raise some issues
  10. With the server wipe does this mean all special jobs (ie Lawyers, Judges and Police) are also being reset or are they moving across as well?
  11. They are currently working on the SantosRP server and are going to re-release it sometime in the future.
  12. The laughing mission, event placing mission and recruit training mission were removed so you don’t have to worry about that anymore (system got reset so you’ll have to redo what youve done so far).
  13. I'll make one tomorrow @Dexoys, kinda forgot to do it xxD
  14. Big scary my dude, at least it was just a dream and would NEVER EVER happen.
  15. We used to have the resizer tool on the server and it managed to break the server almost instantly by making it really unstable for whatever reason. I also think that the addon you suggested was suggested along side the resizer tool when it was added way back when, but was never added due to the ships being too big and the resizer tool being buggy. Great suggestions though and maybe the issues have been fixed now.
  16. A bit of a RIP for this game is that Disney has just announced that they are toning down the violence in the game as compared to previous star wars games to make it appeal to a larger audience.
  17. Wish I didn't but I am glad that I did
  18. f**king big RIP. Sad to see you go.
  19. Sounds good mate, as long as I am in the draw to win it
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