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  1. Yep, from the start of this year. Big masses don't last long, but they're fun while they're there ahah
  2. We also had a Cad Bane and Zuckuss at this time. Went around mobbing 1 target at a time. Thought I'd share to immortalize this time
  3. YourDad

    Sith News

    Us bounty hunters getting the recognition we deserve in Sith news. We made it.
  4. Any hints at what prizes will be?
  5. Exactly the point I was making
  6. It does seem like alot of effort may appear to be to starve one community to grow another, but I highly doubt this is their intention.
  7. Didn't you hear @Smoke? He says he goes to LaTrobe. For me, Current Jobs: Maccas & Wait staff at resturant. Future Job: Studying with majors in Psychology and Criminology. Keen on possibly becoming a police officer or working in a job I attained using my degree (when I get it).
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