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  1. if that’s the case then i have to agree lmao
  2. what you mean thats a big yikes
  3. Whats cookin? If you don't remember me or know me, I played as a Flame Trooper in early 2020, my name in that was Scorch! I made it to WOII before evidently leaving due to the merge of all of the EVO Regs (Obviously no hard feelings to anyone, i loved all the EVO boys <3) Long story short i took a whole year break until for some reason hopping on this server and buying Imperial droid. I played as a droid a few days before joining DT WHICH I AM IN STILL SO COME SAY HELLO. When i joined originally my name was hesitant but i decided to change it back to scorch and give my old F
  4. HESITANT Hesitant, a young man roughly 6ft 3 inches tall. Though it is rare to see him without his helmet and armour on he is a scrawny boy with long black hair which is unkept. He looks physically drained and almost like a corpse. No one knows what he sounds like due to his oath of silence. he is currently a PFC in Death Troopers. Though he is yet to see much action in his new regiment, he has showed his proficiency with a sniper rifle, killing enemies from a far distance. BACKSTORY Born in a shabby motel on Level 1313 on Coruscant the small child quickly learnt how to dea
  5. I plan on also extending his backstory, as well as updating whats happened on the server of course
  6. THE STORY OF JOEY 'SCORCH' HOPPY Before Scorch Joined Flame Troopers: As a child Joey lived on Tatooine with his father and brother, his mother was murdered by droids after stealing weaponry from the separatists for the republic. When he was 12 he became fascinated with the fireplace, as he lived on Tatooine it would get rather cold once the two suns went down. When he was 18 him and his brother were scratching out moisture on their moisture farm trying to get enough money to buy a droid to do it for them when a bounty hunter came by looking for his father, he never tried to hid
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