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  1. Man, those were the days. Plutonic and the Medical Corps, Shekelburg as head of the Prophets. Real good memories.
  2. Definitely a great game, watched so many videos on it that I've ruined the game for myself unfortunately.
  3. Great work dude, was a pleasure being in your regiment for as long as I was.
  4. I love it, great job Theseus.
  5. I will be supporting this application, for the following reasons: Has been an active, dedicated member to the Imperial Gaming community for months. Has previous experience as an Event Master, aswell as a Staff Member. Has written extensive, detailed responses with intriguing ideas for potential events. Sterling will make a great Event Master, not just on Imperial Gaming. But any Star Wars Roleplay Server.
  6. Was REALLY worried Imperial High Command wouldn't take you on as Commanding Officer, congratulations buddy.
  7. Davenport


    Hello there, Blitzey.
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