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  1. @Rivers As i stated i'm simply here to provide the actual reasons why the changes happen. I don't like the preconceived notion that past decisions were made to ruin other peoples fun or for the sole purpose of making the server 'Lore Friendly'. It's easy for people to insult past members of AHC here whilst they can't defend themselves, so i'm just attempting to clarify the genuine reasons behind these changes. I do agree that there were many flaws which have come to light, but people need to realize that the changes were made with good intentions and they were attempting to fix issues that wer
  2. Because nobody seems to actually have any idea or background to why these changes happened, i would like to provide a bit of insight. There was a variety of reasons some regiments were removed or replaced, Most/All of the changes that happened to the old regiments fall into the following criteria. 1. Several regiments had a questionably similar role (SCAR, SW & Rancor) 2. These regiments had a lack of a role on the server (212th) 3. The regiments niche was oddly specific and never got utilized (SHR, 224th & Flame) 4. The regiments had struggled to maintain a consist
  3. i mean don't DT kinda do that already
  4. Yeah it didn't really work for 212th =(
  5. As a member of AHC hopefully i'm able to answer some of your questions @Rick_Castle. This point in particular can be difficult to implement, as stated in some previous replies that the overall server population has recently dropped. However, regarding this, yes, all Commanding Officers are being watched carefully by their Legion Overseers & other members of AHC. If a Commanding Officer is struggling to maintain activity or interest in roleplay AHC will speak to them inquire about the issue, provide potential solutions and advice. However, if they continue to struggle, further inte
  6. I believe that the current OOC Progression System (Quests, Armory and Point shop) doesn't reward players for dedication to the server, but makes in character progression and achievements nearly meaningless. Like why bother to join Scout Troopers and work your way up to Officer Cadet to get the 200 DMG Sniper, or why bother face the long wait to join the Imperial Commandos Squad to get the Grenade Launcher and Shotgun, or Join Sky Troopers, achieve the rank of SGT and join their limited heavy slots to get the Smart Launcher when all of these weapons can just be acquired through OOC means. There
  7. There needs to be more food options, the Jawa Mega Meal is tainted by Xenos. We need to create the Imperial Snack Pack.
  8. na, i'm the red ST in the background, i'm pretty sure its wombat being held hostage.
  9. Hey Hammer, Its sad to see you go and i hope you best of luck. But first and foremost i would like to thank you for giving me to opportunity to join IHC, despite only speaking two times prior to this. I would also like to thank you for making our time in IHC enjoyable, as well as helping me learn the ropes of IOA & IHC. I hope to still see you on TS o7.
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