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  1. Shoretroopers kinda pog

  2. Oh god please no, everyone is already enough of a special snowflake with Snipers/Shotguns/Minguns/RPG's/Grenades/Detpacks/Stim Charges/HP Boost.
  3. seems cool, but how would you train to get a Pilots License and complete the practical part of the test if you can't get in anything? unless you made a training license or something.
  4. agreed. EM's don't always want vehicles to be spawned in during event., This could lead to situations where tanks/speeders are spawned in and completely decimate the EC's when they weren't supposed to be there in the first place.
  5. I still miss the old IG Training discord ;-;
  6. They will be in the same Battalion as the Stormtroopers and can fill that role if they want.
  7. The idea behind the reserve regiments is that a regiment can be 'rotated out' at IHC's discretion. i.e. You have Shore troopers as one of the starting 'Active Regiments', a month later they are deemed by IHC inactive or stale and are disbanded then transferred to the 'Reserve Regiment' list. After that Snow troopers or 224th may be moved into the open 'Active Regiment' slot opened up by Shore troopers. With Shore troopers having the possibility to return if another 'Active Regiment' is having extended durations of inactivity. The idea is that you would cycle through different combinations of t
  8. I'm going to be posting two of my brainstorms/documents here, feel free to provide any feedback that you have regarding them or an agree/disagree on my post. but I would first and foremost like to state that none of the following changes and ideas I present will NOT be happening so there's no need for concern. Idea #1 Before you read the document I just want to attempt to explain some elements that may be confusing or appear unclear: -Each Commander (LTCOL-BRIG) and Second In Command (Captain/Major) must be in the 'Base Loadout' of each regiment to avoid certain groups getting pref
  9. Personally I love the idea of there being less regiments but more sub-roles within said regiments and have been tossing the idea around a lot recently. A system like this would provide a lot of benefits to army as a whole IMO. With each regiment having a base loadout and having around 40-50% of their slots being divided into different units who are given different equipment or roles to help the entire regiment in missions. A system like this would need to have a centralized chain of command to fully benefit from the new units within a regiment, with officers within a regiment having authority
  10. The only server we need is an event server.
  11. As long as troopers can actually do firing training without hitting everything but the target i'm happy.
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