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  1. I believe that the current OOC Progression System (Quests, Armory and Point shop) doesn't reward players for dedication to the server, but makes in character progression and achievements nearly meaningless. Like why bother to join Scout Troopers and work your way up to Officer Cadet to get the 200 DMG Sniper, or why bother face the long wait to join the Imperial Commandos Squad to get the Grenade Launcher and Shotgun, or Join Sky Troopers, achieve the rank of SGT and join their limited heavy slots to get the Smart Launcher when all of these weapons can just be acquired through OOC means. There's so many examples that i could list, its clear that having both In Character and Out Of Character progression systems don't work and i think either the Armory or Bonus Gun Perk should be removed.
  2. There needs to be more food options, the Jawa Mega Meal is tainted by Xenos. We need to create the Imperial Snack Pack.
  3. na, i'm the red ST in the background, i'm pretty sure its wombat being held hostage.
  4. Hey Hammer, Its sad to see you go and i hope you best of luck. But first and foremost i would like to thank you for giving me to opportunity to join IHC, despite only speaking two times prior to this. I would also like to thank you for making our time in IHC enjoyable, as well as helping me learn the ropes of IOA & IHC. I hope to still see you on TS o7.
  5. What else is there to say but +1, Since getting into Legion Command he has been writing up and conducting mini-events for his regiments. During this time he has shown that he would make a capable Event Master.
  6. I wonder which country is going to dominate the world. My Minecraft Username is Omega_Oreo
  7. oh sh*t, where can i buy this DVD?
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