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  1. O7. Thank you Cecil for being a great server owner Hopefully everything goes well in life. Sad to see you go
  2. See you Radcop! Have a good retirement
  3. Sad to see you leave. Hopefully I will see you around sometime Wingza, loved the old Shadow days we had with Shepard. Thank you for your efforts on the server and in the staff team O7
  4. Well it’s been a regiment on the server for a long time and is yet to fully fail, they have also placed 2nd on the elite regiment board for this month meaning that they have had the 2nd most placings of all Military regiments meaning they are doing quite well I’d say.
  5. Thanks for bringing this up Binny, it’s a bit of an interesting topic. Army High Command has recognized this as a concern in the past and for that we increased CL3 minimum promotion times by about 40 days off the top of my head. To address this moving forward we have thought of and should be performing officer evaluations army-wide over the next few weeks if everything goes as planned. On top of this we have discussed about some goals that officers have to achieve in order to be eligible to receive their rank like a certain number of trainings and tryouts as well as active participation in eve
  6. Pulse sad to see you leave but good luck with life and hopefully everything goes well. See you around sometime
  7. Hmmmmmmmmm. I will think about it. But another competition of some sorta would be cool
  8. Despite working at subway for the last 9 months, I haven't tried that many subs . I reckon the steak & cheese sub is pretty good. Cheddar, Lettuce, tomato, onion and carrot with Garlic aioli and honey mustard. Plus the Raspberry white-choc cookies are great.
  9. As of recent there have been campaigns every Saturday soooooo idk how your missing out on them haha. There's also some offship events here and there. Edit: Oops didn't read all the comments, don't roast me for regurgitating things .
  10. A great video as always Pulse . Reminded me of many good times on the server and hopefully some more to come!
  11. Great vid. Ahhh those snorting stormtroopers sound familiar @Sinatra
  12. Wow. That video is quite interesting to say the least haha
  13. @Pvtanderson To answer your question/comment. The reason why NPC events seem so infrequent is because they can only be held when less than 60 players are online. There are normally around 3 NPC events per week held on average. However, due to these restrictions they are normally held at early times during the day or late times at night meaning some of the player base may miss out.
  14. Noni

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    Had a chat with him on TS today. My response is Neutral leaning towards a +1, he seems more mature than what his actions showed a few years ago.
  15. Welcome to the server Nyan! Already seen you a few times around the server in Sky division.
  16. See ya Hammer ✌️ Best luck in your future endeavors see you on TS sometime 🙂
  17. Noni

    Messing With Tinky

    I can't believe I haven't seen this till now
  18. BIG -1. RSA as well as some other actions you have committed that I’m not willing to go into are unforgivable.
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