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  1. These were my fav 2 frames #212th #riplucifer
  2. Was this one of those top secret things like Santos and secretly the staff team knew about it for months but were sworn to silence? OT; This looks really cool, its something I would be super keen to try out and it would be awesome to see another element of the 212th come back to IG. EDIT; This is definently an April fools joke. shame on you all
  3. So back again, after all this time been looking through them and I found this one, I think its good bang for buck but alot of people have told me the cooling is bad, but would it really be? If PCCG were willing to sell it wouldnt it be tested and stuff? Anyway I need your opinions!!! Its another pre-built https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48185/pccg-void-2070-super-gaming-system
  4. +1 Hell yeah, he was a great staff member previously, took so much time out of his RP to staff and I know he will make a good one again. So much respect for this guy, sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Goodluck Assistant Colonel Sir!
  5. Ive been pumped for this for like a year, can’t wait! @Bailey
  6. Damn Solar. I hope you can come back sometime man, I really wanted to see you as a Shock/Riot CO one day, I know you would've done a fantastic job. Thanks so much to all you have contributed the community and you will FOREVER be one of my good mates. Take it easy brother, hope to see you back o7
  7. Larko


    I have you all know that I actually started Burton as I accepted him into his first reg (212th) and I reformed him and turned him into the man he is today. Cya mate, myself, Lucifer and Verstappen will forever miss you fam <3
  8. Love it Sully, I actually watch the whole video and it shed a lot of insight
  9. What do you mean by you don’t use ray tracing, is there like an option? I thought ray tracing was just part of the gpu and it’s always on 😂
  10. Nah that’s just for the pc, I get staff discounts at JB HIFI bcz my brother works there so I get like 50% off everything so I’ll just buy the rest there.
  11. Name: Larko Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198156315703/ Playtime: 3-4 Weeks Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Really want to try Jedi Fallen Order Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Love the giveaways Splonter, it is something nice that you do to make someone else's life even nicer.
  12. Hey all, so I have finished school and got a job, which means income which means I am buying an actual PC rather than this laptop. So, I have looked some up on PCcasegear and I came up with a pre-built one, the reason I want it pre-built is because I want it in the mail and I don't want to have a thing to do with building it, sorry but I just don't. So I will list my requirements below and just wanted some opinions from a broader community before I go doing anything eradic. - Budget is between $2-2.5k for just the PC - Has to be pre-built, I aint building sh*t - I w
  13. Love the work guys, this is a great community and you guys should be proud (:
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