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  1. I think your missing the guarding disaster site and helping survivors get out and putting out fires bit and getting rid of debris (Idk if engineers can do that sorry) and HAZMAT also flame throwers are a pretty big fucking part of it
  2. evo is dead and rescue is dead. It was only a matter of time
  3. I'm not talking about repairing I'm talking about just guarding the area of the accident, trying to get survivors out etc. Not repairing, handling the situation so engineer medics or whoever can then go in. Engineers can't get flame throwers or cyrothrowers, thats like saying "why did evo exist when engineers could just ask for a flamethrower". It's stupid to say "lol just ask for a weapon". what's the point of INQ when you can just ask for a light saber? you can't just ask for such a useful item that is not remotely related to your job. Engineers just shouldn't put out fires or hand
  4. I would be happy with this being a sub reg as this was more of an idea for just a group and not a full on reg
  5. Evo is disbanded. A replacement is needed also hell a fire script wouldn't even be that bad, but fires can still happen
  6. I can see your point and think you're right in the fact of using communication and better weapons would be pretty stupid thinking about it. but I think increasing front line survivability with a small health increase and increase to vehicle repair would still be useful to a frontline engineer it would be cooler too
  7. I thought hound unit was literally just becoming a dog so scratch that Alright so basically just nova Yeah but you need to communicate with the army and need other people when it would just be cooler to get battle engineer aren't sub regiments but I think they're cool so I added them Support and heavy shouldn't be clearance level locked No idea that was a rule so sorry on that one and I don't know how to delete the previous one I tried to
  8. I worded the last one really horrible so im re-doing them also all of these would probably have different models SHOCK REMOVED: HOUND UNITS ADDED: TRACKER UNITS: These are shock troopers who specialize in tracking down lost/escaping prisoners/vips with the help of hounds. Hounds will be played by either EC's or just a regular shock troopers in any event where hounds are needed ADDED: HONOUR GUARDS: Basically just nova lol ENGINEERS ADDED: COMBAT ENGINEERS: These engineers have more health and heal vehicles for more hp. Combat Engineers specialize in frontline
  9. Honestly I would be happy with any one of your or mine suggestions, all of them are pretty good
  10. since I was mostly just trying to get the idea out there quick I'll try and go into more depth Every single regiment will have at least 1 squad of 3 or so (depending on max amount of people in the reg and how many people are currently in the reg) and each of these sub regiments will be unique to the regiment so that means no overlapping, These can be anything as long as they are related to the original regiment btw being a regular member of the regiment is also a possibility
  11. Yeah I was thinking of maybe a squad commander who ordered squad specific missions or just was in charge of the sqaud when the CO is doing other stuff, But I think the regimental CO should overpower all squad commanders in terms of power
  12. Hey I know this is a really far fetched idea and it would be really hard to implement so I just wanna write it down as an idea here. My idea is for instead of just CL2 heavy and support which is in my opinion really restrictive on who can be in it and honestly just boring, Having regimental specific squads that are still technically in the regiment but just operate under a different motive/purpose. These Sub-regiments would basically serve a slightly altered purpose to the main regiment but still be similar enough to be in the same regiment. A good example would be lets say Shock hav
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