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  1. Welcome back Jon, its been a while
  2. +1 Good Intentions Long time member of the community Has done alot to get the server where it is today Good to see you again Eclipse, hope to see you on the server
  3. Farewell Wingza, I've had an amazing time working with you. I hope everything runs smoothly in your FIFO Employment.
  4. https://gyazo.com/1eaef1c3cf7c81030a149758d585eb45 See you around Dirthi. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere down the line
  5. +1 to the Recon regiment(s) Though problem that we find now is that almost all the regiments on the server lack something exclusive. All successful regiments have something special about them that no other regiment has. For example, Storm Commando's back in late 2018 were a solid regiment due to their grapple hooks, which no other regiment had access to. Sadly they were removed somewhere in 2019 and thus Storm Commando's lost its spark. I think that it should be within AHC and Managements interests to try and bring exclusivity back to regiments and make them more appealing/enjoyable fo
  6. I wonder which bounty hunter shot the wrist rocket at 1:56? *intense coughing*. Fr though, the aftermath of all that drama was intense.
  7. imo, There's a difference between actively wanting more responsibility and being power hungry, as I've witnessed many times. Everyone is here to have fun and if there is someone trying to kick people out of a role they will eventually gain a negative reputation, its up to them how they want to play that card. Twist explains it well too ^
  8. +1 Reasons stated above. Ontop of it being 2 years since the scripting ban had occurred. As usual, a probation/trial period would be necessary. Goodluck Nox
  9. We sang Happy Birthday to Kyle during the staff meeting (8PM Sunday). You were actually dragged into the channel so you could hear it live @Kyle, was abit of a yikes because you were afk
  10. Stathi


    Edit: 27/8/2020 9:48 PM AEST Due to an external contact my standpoint will remain neutral though this post will stay. I found that the evidence provided was not appropriate in regards to other matters occurring outside of IG that greatly impacted said person in this report. Thanks, Stathi
  11. When we actually had rotations on the Death Star pretty much everyone hated it. The server pop just dropped as there was nothing to do and the map is an absolute maze. Though there is discussion of a new map/schedule that may come.
  12. I agree with most of your points Fred. Though i'm just gonna input my opinion on one of your sentences. In my opinion, I don't think you can compare CompForce and Shadow. They both have 2 different uses of cloak, of which Shadow uses it for infiltration (Offship Events/Extracting Hostages) in comparison to CompForce who use it to spy on people and kidnap if necessary based on their job via the wookieepedia. If I'm going to be honest, I don't think there is enough RP to hold Shadow as a proper regiment. It either needs a complete rework or simply a purge from the server. https://starwars.fando
  13. Huge +1 Prior to Renegade receiving his ban. I had spoken to him and his other mates (Goon Squad) about what would be happening if their actions continued. During this talk I found that every single one of them had no intention to negatively effect the RP quality or experience of another member and we rather just trying to break the ice (everyone being so serious). Even whilst the ban was up, Renegade invited myself and another mate to play some dbd from which he was showing initiative to contact a staff member about the situation and get feedback. In conclusion, I believe that Renegade is a
  14. Catch you later Archer You will always be welcome back into the community
  15. Shit bro, all my gov boys are leaving Anyways, sad to see you go Sparx. Hope we can catch up in the future hmu on discord sometime, my dms are always open
  16. One more legend lost Sad to see you go Ragnar, It was fun while it lasted and I wish you best of luck for the future. Wish we finished that Gov album lmao that shit was funny as. Atleast we got through one of the songs. (Butcher with the vocals)
  17. lmao same, I thought something was fishy because he had an ex-staff tag on forums and a panda profile pic. fr though Plans, welcome back.
  18. Welcome back Kamelieon, good to see you around again
  19. Well summed up by Bailey. All I have seen from you today Toxic is just NITRP and just general minging. I think the ban should get upgraded to perm unless you have a thorough chat to Luigi about your behaviour and negative contributions to the community. tbh Toxic, by now I would expect you to be a respectful member of the community considering how many warns and 2nd chances you have received. Though your behaviour from today proves otherwise and you don’t learn from your mistakes or wrongdoings.
  20. Stathi

    Ban Appeal

    Sorry for the inconvenience Snap. Thought I would post on the thread to revive it so we can sort stuff out for you. tbh I think that the staff team is just waiting for @zaspan's perspective on the situation before we state our thoughts on your ban appeal. I will definitely update this post once we get both sides of the situation because we cant get sort much out with only one side of the story. You sound like a cool guy and you are also showing remorse for the actions you had done that night. I think a probation period would be necessary, from what I have seen your account is also pretty clean
  21. Name: Stathi105 Reason: Just vibing - somewhere else to chill while not on Gmod
  22. Stathi

    Ban Appeal

    -1 - If I am to be completely honest with you Burton I think you have have been given way too many 2nd Chances. Even whilst your time on the server I would see you racking up a warn every 3 - 4 days for either NITRP or FailRP. Since you are banned at the moment I am unable to check your total warn count. Though currently I am sitting on a -1. However, if you show genuine remorse or take action to right your wrongs my stand point may change into a +1. If Luigi deems necessary for you to be unbanned I would feel a 4 month probation period would be required.
  23. @InfinityDragunoid Like what Bailey has mentioned just send myself or another Support Member a poke on TeamSpeak (ts3.imperialgaming.net) or through the forums and we will come and help you out.
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