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  1. +1 - From What I have seen Storm is fairly active on the server is very mature. I have had few interactions with him but i can guarantee he will stay on topic and be determined of whatever task has been assigned to him. I believe he has somewhat of a sufficient amount of detail with his answers but it could be improved and edited upon. He has great background information in the event ideas which also shows he knows a few things about SW Lore.
  2. NEUTRAL, leaning towards a +1. Like previous responses I must also agree that these examples look amazing and I am sure you could make some quality PAC that would enhance RP in a sense that you could even use ILC to order specific parts in constructing the armour. However, last night was the first time I had seen you on for a few months, at first I was confused on how you hadn’t been kicked for inactivity, perhaps a LOA was active, in not entirely sure. In conclusion the examples were great and to get a +1 from me you will need to increase your activity. Goodluck!
  3. Neutral, leaning towards -1. Most of my reasonings were well summed up from Kippy. However, I would like to elaborate on my stand point regarding activity. Freeman, I very rarely see you on the server, I’m not sure whether you log on in the early mornings or late night but personally I usually only see you once per 2 - 3 weeks. You seem like a nice guy so if there is an increase of activity and detail/description I would gladly +1 this app.
  4. -1, Reasons Stated Above
  5. +1 - Sufficient detail throughout Event Master application. From what I have seen you are mature and I like how you have brought a democratic factor into making events by listening in to the community and hearing what others would like to see in future events. The ideas were unique and sounded like the plot would be quite entertaining to see progress. There were a few grammatical and spelling mistakes in the application and event proposals but other than that the application seemed pretty good and worthy of a +1. Goodluck!
  6. +1 I haven't had an ample amount of interactions to accurately describe Braino's characteristics but this is what i have found so far: Active Mature Responsible Friendly His application has a sufficient amount of detail to what i believe but it could be improved similar to some other responses. Goodluck!
  7. +1 - Summed up from Sully. I haven't seen you ingame lately Risk so that is a bit intriguing, might just be me. Who knows?
  8. 1+ - Reasons Stated Above. I may also add that when we were in RG together he stepped up as a low levelled Guard and provided training to those who were missing out on the key pieces of information.
  9. 1-, All of his answers are evident on this link to Stubzy's Mod app. @Stubzy
  10. Although you might think my comment on Noni's Event Master might contain bias as he is my IRL brother, I do not contain any form of bias in my responses to an EM or Mod application and I genuinely think he will make an amazing EM for the following reasons: - Noni is extremely hard working and resilient, when his regiment was in the times of crisis he bounced back and worked hard to recover the regiment to its true capabilities - Active - Well known throughout the community - Patient - Mature - Respectful - Trustworthy I think we can all agree that not one person in the community has ever had a bad interaction with him as he is very friendly and inclusive with others. +1
  11. Well said from Sully, I will also be leaving a -1 on Eggos Event Master Application for the reasons stated above. Another reasoning of why I -1’ed the app is because I believe he is not well known within the community and should take some time to socialise with other players and get more involved within the forums. (sorry if there was bad format, this was wrote on my phone)
  12. Massive +1 Ragnar is a great 2IC, easy to approach for advice and is as wise as a barn owl He is consistently showing traits of: Maturity Respect Responsibility Selflessness Patience (His PAC application has been on the forums for 10 months now and hasn't complained about the response time, not once) Due to the reasons stated above I believe Ragnar would make a great moderator and possibly a server admin in the future Goodluck!
  13. Neutral - Due to the following reasons In Soft Rp during a duel when myself and Saturn were only Cadets, whenever you beat either of us you would brag on in both OOC chat and voice chat about how you were an Ex - CO on another server and that you were so good because you beat Sith in a duel. Also, when I just started getting the hang of Navy, I was also a Cadet. An onship event had just started and I was the only navy online trying to handle everything, you responded with "I should go in the pits, I have more knowledge than him." In not such a nice and respectful manner. You do seem to be changing in behaviour Sufficient detail In "Applicants History & Reasons" My stand point may change
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