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  1. I would like to be considered for either CO or 2IC of engineers please @Whitey
  2. Very good 2IC of SCAR, I spend a ton of time with you and you are one of the most hardworking 2IC' Ive been under (In my 5 years of playing gmod swrp) you know how to command a regiment, you are mature and likeable, yet strict when you need to be, overall just a great candidate for a CO position
  3. Tackle

    Rickle's Jedi Application

    +1 Stand-up guy and an enjoyable CO, best of luck Rickle
  4. I have added more details, thank you for the criticism! I am aware my playtime and rank are quite a bit low on this server but that ~65 hours is over the course of about a 8 days so that's about 8 hours a day with much more time planned in the future
  5. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] SticcRicc Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:6565005 Steam Profile link :https://steamcommunity.com/id/emorjkid/ In Game Details In Game Name: Tackle In Game Rank: Sergeant In Game Regiment: SCAR Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):N/A If new to Imperial Gaming where are you coming from & why? N/A Basic Questions Do you understand there is no guarantee of this application being successful? Yes, I wholly understand, and will respect the choices of the staff 100%. Do you understand you will be subject to further testing beyond this application before even being considered for a role? Yes, I would have it no other way, extensive testing is essential to finding the perfect people to fill a commanding role. Do you understand if you currently hold a CO role on Imperial RP and are successful you will be forfeiting that role? Yes. Do you understand that a high level of professionalism is expected from individuals applying? Yes, I take my professionalism very seriously and always make sure to be a presentable and mature member of any community. Why do you want to be a Commander on Clone Wars RP? I was a commanding general back on the Undead clone wars server and a medic commander before that and the responsibility and ability to help better the server by teaching and commanding has always appealed to me. I love this community and would love to be a bigger part of it and help it get even better. What experience do you have? I was a Commanding General(I was promoted to CG and ran a ship of about 115 people daily), Medic CO(implemented a more RP focused view on the regiment and optimized organization with spreadsheets), and ARF CO(brought the regiment from dead to a full regiment of 15 people) on the Undead clone wars server, and I was a cofounder and General(Commanded about 70 people) of the original Zephyr imperial server. I have ULX experience and I've commanded a squad of US Army soldiers in real life. What sort of role and regiment do you wish to lead? (e.g. CO, 2IC, ARC, etc.)? I would like Medic or another supporting regiment but will gladly adapt to whatever is needed of me. I would run a tight ship that is also enjoyable, full of RP friendly interactions but with a zero tolerance policy on mingy behavior and disrespect. Why do you want to join us on Clone Wars RP? As stated I started playing gmod Star wars rp on a clone wars server 5 years ago, and those were some really great times, on top of that I love the regimental variety of the clone war. I would like to help promote a healthy server and do my part to keep everything fun yet serious. If new to Imperial Gaming, why do you believe you should be given this opportunity & what can you bring to the table from outside experience? I was an admin, Commanding General, Medical CO, and ARF CO on the clone wars server on Undead, I also Ran the original Zephyr server as the co-owner and General, and I was in US Army basic training (got injured so I was discharged) but I feel like I could bring a new view on certain things, maybe help implement some army tactics into my regiment or focus more on Drill and Ceremony to make them the best marching Regiment on the server. I was a squad leader in the army so I have had to take control of a group of people and delegate orders to them in real life. Do you understand and accept that you will be heavily scrutinized by Management and the Community during this application process? Yes. I welcome any criticism and am always looking to better myself.