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  1. Never thought I would live to see this day. I've worked with Billybob in multiple event's and he has never faltered (well at least with my experience) in delivering a serious and direct response to the requests of an event master. He is able to adapt on the spot to situations involving unplanned events and has been the lifeblood of humour in events where it appears as though none of it could ever be found. What a number of people do not realise is that Billybob can be 100% serious when he wants to be, and has proven that throughout every event myself and Wind had him involved in whe
  2. Just wanted to add my bit here for some ways that the event team can work around the absent scare factor between EC's and Imperials. The most effective solution of what I'm going to say is unfortunately locked to your rank within the Event Team as the higher rank you hold, the more tools you have to work with. With the lowest rank setting at JEM, here's what I propose and I KNOW works to instill fear among players roleplaying as the Imperials, advancing with the effectiveness at each rank. If it's not blindingly obvious, this solution is PAC3 and/or the creativity of the Event Master, wi
  3. As to not continuously bump your post via your replying to positive comments, please refrain from commenting directly on this application, but rather through DM's to the respected people. @CraigShore
  4. Upon review of all responses and submitted event ideas, I will be currently leaving a -1 for this application. Details where faults reside are stated below: General Response to Questions: All responses are incredibly short. Indicating that this application was thrown together in under an hour with minimal effort, damaging the security that you will put in the same amount of effort should you join the Event Team. I highly advise the you look over other accepted applications found in the general EM application hub. Proposed Event Idea One: The choice of using the Hutt's is i
  5. I'm pretty sure it will be majorly shown in a new book series. A game could come out of it, but right now it's primarily a book series.
  6. I'm unaware of the logistics to create such an edit, but an update to the scrolling title card bar at the top of the forums would be cool (image below for reference). For ease of access for new players, a card could be added with a link to the servers training discord server. Clicking on the link could activate a permanent link to the discord using the browser discord format. Although it's already pinned on the right side bar of the main forums menu, a card for the TeamSpeak could also be added. Upon clicking on the link could activate a request for TeamSpeak to open, with a connection to the
  7. Granted that I am no longer a part of the event team anymore, I can vouch for Wingza partially in this situation in terms of the re-modelling and what not. When I was an event master, I entered multiple situations where it was possible for characters to be remodeled to become anonymous to escape an arrest although it required the said character having ready access to such equipment. Now I'm not sure if CompForce has their equipment stored in the CFP offices, but if they did then I don't see an issue with Baileys model being changed and if they have cloak in their kit, I don't see an issue with
  8. So say the original poster of the video leaves said regiment, does the showcase get taken down immediately? Or, if the post can remain up and a new video is created, it's original poster has no say in it's removal?
  9. This idea is great. I cannot wait to see how regiments piece together how they run and their unique aspects. Although, what will happen if: A regimental showcase is posted by a trooper of a regiment, and over a period of time, another video is created for the regiment and the creator of said video wants it to be displayed on the forums. So the creator of the new showcase contacts the old poster of the original showcase video but they don't want their showcase to be replaced? What tools do you have in place to quell an argument such as this? @Bailey
  10. Let this man on the team. In my countless encounters with ISB playing as my main character, an event character or overseeing as an event master, I have always been pleased to work Arkan and he made my job as an EM much easier. He knows how to contribute, roleplay and work with others. After reviewing both event ideas and your interest into creating meaningful and interesting characters, they would most definitely be welcome to those who take a more heavy RP approach in their roles. Wishing you all the best, +1.
  11. Disclaimer: Writing on my phone. Craig, This response will entail my personal criticisms from your response to all questions and your forming of all event ideas. Response to the Questions: Your response to the questions are adequate although contain no more than a basic response to the question. I understand that you have a passion for creating stories and situations for people to deal with but you must decide what is unique to you and you alone. This way you can break away from the generic responses and surprise the assessors looking to take people in. Event Idea One
  12. +1 Worked with Knifty in multiple events before and has never let me down. Always ready to take on the task and perform it with utmost efficiency. All event ideas and responses are clean, unique and executed beautifully. Couldn’t be happier to support. Good Luck with your application!
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