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  1. hypo

    i agree with this.

  2. a FiveM expansion would of been better, i highly doubt you will pool new players in Minecraft. good job tho i guess
  3. hypo

    hypo ban appeal

    Hey mate, I've seen how it can look, and whilst you might believe that the motive behind the reactions is sinister, I was simply trying to raise awareness that the logos in itself look like swastikas. The reactions have since been removed, If you have further questions feel free to dm me
  4. Why do you use a netstring at all for this? Am i like not seeing the source code or somethin?
  5. hypo

    hypo ban appeal

    Steam Details Steam Name: hypo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32361926 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thehypo/ In Game Details In Game Name: hypo In Game Rank: PVT In Game Regiment: ST Ban Details https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:32361926&time=1585913083 How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Ragetank What date did the ban occur: 03-04-20 21:24 What was the reason for the ban: The reason attached to the forum database is for "Exploiting", however it was
  6. alright, i bought the star wars laser.
  7. hypo

    Community Expansion

    i made this for FG pepehands
  8. hypo

    hypo intro

    hello people, i'm sure this is probably not the first time we've met, but i'm reformed. spend most of my time criticizing kumo's code or ragetank's post-precaching. pre sure not too many people like me, that's probably fair enough. got a few clientside optimisations which can boost fps and client stability on IG, hmu if you want them. -much love, hypo
  9. they're shitposting... i got banned for simply talkin about source engine limitations and they can do this?
  10. Roughly directed to the development team, would probably have to tweak the values to the servers specifics, but clients can do it themselves relative to their PC specs.
  11. might just drop this here and farm upvotes. hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "join_con_commands", function() RunConsoleCommand("physgun_halo", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_freeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_unfreeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_drawdetailprops", "0") RunConsoleCommand( "r_drawmodeldecals", "0") RunConsoleCommand("cl_showhints", "0") RunConsoleCommand("gmod_mcore_test", "1") RunConsoleCommand("datacachsize", "2048") RunConsoleCommand("mem_max_heapsize", "8192") RunConsoleCommand
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