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  1. alright, i bought the star wars laser.
  2. hypo

    Community Expansion

    i made this for FG pepehands
  3. hypo

    hypo intro

    hello people, i'm sure this is probably not the first time we've met, but i'm reformed. spend most of my time criticizing kumo's code or ragetank's post-precaching. pre sure not too many people like me, that's probably fair enough. got a few clientside optimisations which can boost fps and client stability on IG, hmu if you want them. -much love, hypo
  4. eh, when you used it, it had script errors... pls share some source code for us to look at.
  5. what. "it can affect the server greatly if ignored" explain pls
  6. they're shitposting... i got banned for simply talkin about source engine limitations and they can do this?
  7. Roughly directed to the development team, would probably have to tweak the values to the servers specifics, but clients can do it themselves relative to their PC specs.
  8. might just drop this here and farm upvotes. hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "join_con_commands", function() RunConsoleCommand("physgun_halo", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_freeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_unfreeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_drawdetailprops", "0") RunConsoleCommand( "r_drawmodeldecals", "0") RunConsoleCommand("cl_showhints", "0") RunConsoleCommand("gmod_mcore_test", "1") RunConsoleCommand("datacachsize", "2048") RunConsoleCommand("mem_max_heapsize", "8192") RunConsoleCommand
  9. DO NOT DELETE ALL YOUR ADDONS msg me on discord and I'll get you with a fix.
  10. hypo

    Flixs's SmoothCam

    I looked at the core code of the workshop add-on, can be easily exploited in multiple ways to crash the server. Parts of it are pretty inefficient as well. Would recommend recoding the add-on before adding
  11. hypo

    hypo's Unban Appeal

    Thanks for the feedback. I can't change the past, but I'm trying really hard to change the future. Many of those bans were years ago, when I was younger.
  12. Eren

    Free da homie 🙏🏼 

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