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  1. The application form told me to report my interest to the RO plus I cannot get on tonight, my computer can't even perform a factory reset
  2. My ingame name is Asbestos + i have to get a completely new computer
  3. About 2 days ago I applied for the navy, I was told to report to a navy RO to confirm i still want to be in the navy, but my computer decided to f**king destroy itself and I don't know what to do...
  4. Mate... your beaches aren't as beautiful as ours... AND i would like to remind you that most aussies are related to criminals from britain that were sent to work camps in australian colonies... (no offence)
  5. What does an event manager do e.g. coding? Skins?
  6. @Tonberry I remember you from when me and you were the only people on the server and I was helping you train a recruit... then I had to log off...
  7. @Butcher232 Can't really get acquainted due to the fact i am an ST private PLUS i have been on the server for a while but only recently joined forums...
  8. Will try to join when holidays are over and i am reunited with my computer...
  9. Are there any regiments/roles where climb swep isn't something where you HAVE to have some skill?
  10. Wow... Not many people have the conscience to consider that someone isn't male... I am male but still good on you!
  11. I was just wondering whether staff applications were available, i am never on often enough...
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