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  1. Didnt know you for that long but long enough to know you were a big lad
  2. I put an LOA on saying i wasnt going online until i saw it but i decided that was a little excessive I just need to watch my behind
  3. Jack1387

    Quan Intro

    Another happy landing
  4. When will jar jar be available to buy on the donation store for CWRP? meesa needsa be jar jar binksa
  5. Great job Mike. EMs and all staff in general can often got ridiculed and criticised alot, but you guys are the backbone of our server and we are immensely thankful
  6. Looks awesome great work as always
  7. Jack1387

    Poker is Great

    Epic gamer moment. Poker scene Is non existant on CWRP unfortunately.
  8. Dont worry ill keep your seat warm
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