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  1. Incase you failed to read my statement, it has no intent to sound like "Jew Fucker" at all and I didn't even notice any similarity until someone mentioned it. even then, the only thing similar is "ju"
  2. This isn't so much a staff report, but a potential opportunity to appeal a warn. About 20 minutes ago I was teleported to the admin "Rivers" where he demanded that I changed my name. I proceeded to ask why, and was then given the response that people in staff chat believe that my name is inappropriate/offensive. This was a shock for me as 3 days ago I was fairly given a warning for having an inappropriate name and ended up changing it to Jufacua. For 3 days I've upheld this name with no issues from staff or players. I present my opinion of the name and refuse to change it unless given a fair reason, as anyone would. I am then teleported above ship, where Rivers informs me that a minority of people have been interpreting my name as "Jew Fucker". Unless you never took highschool English, there is limited to no correlation between "Jufacua" and "Jew Fucker". The name Jufacua was intended to be pronounced either Ju-fac-ua or Juf-acua, both of which do not correspond with Jew Fucker. The only relation between these two would be the "Ju" at the start which sounds like "Jew", however "Facua" does not sound like "Fucker" when said out loud. Its kind of ironic how I made up this name by tapping random letters on my keyboard and staff find a way to interpret the name negatively because of my previous warn. However back to the story, Bullock was then called by rivers as I requested a second opinion, but it seems that no matter what points I made, there was no way to convince them otherwise. According to rule 11, players can have "No inappropriate or provocative names." There is no way to prove my name is inappropriate or provocative, or that I intended for it to be interpreted in an offensive manner, as it has been perceived by some (clearly). I was then warned for failing to comply with staffs orders and kicked from the server due to my denial to change my name. The purpose of this post is to get the opinions from others and hopefully get my newly found warn removed if possible. Thanks.
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